MCU Theory: Thanos was Mistaken, Infinity Stones are Alive

The events of Infinity War sent the entire internet and the comic nerd fandom world flying into chaos. The more the comic community thought about the occurrence of the snap, the more horrifying reality became. Thanos had already succeeded in his endeavor. He had wiped out half of all life in creation. The man’s crazed agenda had cost the universe half of its population and the Avengers their self-respect. The confidence that the Captain America and Tony Stark held in their abilities or rather in their steadfast morality to do the right thing and to save the universe was shattered by a single Mad Titan and six singularities powering one reality-altering device.

 Thanos Infinity Stones

The powers of the infinity stones know no bounds and the creature who wields them knows no mercy. The act of Thanos was fuelled by unclear motivations. Or rather convoluted motivations as compared to his comic counterpart.

 Thanos Infinity Stones

It seems rather apparent that the Thanos of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be pursuing destruction because he believes that if life is left unchecked it will go rampant and destroy everything. Thanos had already seen this play out on his own home planet of Titan and now he wished that no one in the entire universe suffer like he once did.

 Thanos Infinity Stones

The destruction or rather the implosion of Titan left a deep scar in the mentality of the tyrant of the dark quadrant. So much so that he collected an army and decided to pursue ‘The correction of life’ suo mouto. The logic of Thanos was simple, if life won’t correct itself then he will do it for them.

Avengers 4 Thanos

In his relentless pursue of this insane balance, Thanos decided to take up the search for the infinity stones. Six powerful singularities that exist across the universe and which were once controlled by the Celestials ( Beings older than this universe of ours ). This is the series arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Mad Titan’s relentless pursue of mass genocide aided and abetted by powers that are beyond human understanding.

 Thanos Infinity Stones

Now I agree that this entire premise is just a simple motivation for a comic villain but you would have to be a complete ignorant fool to not notice the loopholes in the plot of Infinity War and by extension the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You see Reddit user u/nerryoob has an interesting take on the snap. Take a look at the theory posted in r/fantheories by him (as reproduced below for your scrutiny:-

[MCU] Thanos was mistaken from FanTheories

That was one hell of a read, but nerryoob does raise some valid points. If I were anybody else than a blog author I would classify this fan speculation as a blatant and deliberate deconstruction of the entire series arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but hear me out here.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Soul Stone

You see, fan theories are based on more than just conjecture. Often the basis and the underlying assumption of such speculation leading to a theory is the fact that these characters are just as real as you and me and the events that they experience are occurring sometime somewhere. That is the purpose of movies, to maintain the illusion of reality and if we still hold that assumption to be strong we can appreciate what neeryoob is trying to imply.

 Thanos Infinity Stones

The man is talking about a scenario where everything is perpetuated not by Thanos but by the infinity stones themselves. An iteration of the universe where the entirety of the events of Infinity War was always preordained and the infinity stones are barely trying to correct the destruction and mayhem.

Marvel Weapons Thanos Avengers 4

Now I realize that it sounds bonkers but you are forgetting one thing. The fact that each infinity stones used to be a universe in itself and the soul stone is the caretaker of all the souls in the universe. It is here that the theory conforms to the general understanding and becomes something that might be lucrative enough to be turned into a silver screen story.

Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art Thanos Gamora

The major implication in the theory and one that spikes our interest is “Gamora might be trapped inside the soul stone influencing the behavior of the stones”. This part of the theory might also explain why the OG Avengers survived and almost every other superhero vanished into thin air. Don’t forget to tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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