5 Spiderman Villains Who Should Appear In The Homecoming Sequel

We Saw a lot of new characters in the new Spiderman movie including 3 new Villains. As the president of Marvel Studios- Kevin Feige himself mentioned that we are going to see never seen villains in the Spiderman movies, the question arises that who should be the  Spiderman villains in the Homecoming sequel. Here is a list of potential characters who could be the next Spiderman villains.


Bringing in Morbius ‘The Living Vampire’ would be really amazing as it would also set up an arc for ‘Blade’ to appear in the movie and team-up with the Web Slinger. Even Homecoming Director Jon Watts expressed interest in doing this for the sequel.


One of Spider-Man’s most popular villains, Mysterio is a character who creates illusions by using his knowledge of special effects. He always uses these illusions to trap Spiderman. So, having him in the next movie could really make it a visual spectacle.


One of the most demanded villains for a Spiderman movie is the Scorpion. After seeing Lizard in The Amazing Spiderman people wanted him to appear in a live action movie as soon as possible. Hopefully, this could happen in the sequel.

Wilson Fisk

Vincent D’Onofrio, the actor who played Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin on Netflix’s Daredevil showed a lot of interest in making an appearance in the Spiderman movie. If this actually happens in the sequel then it would be a great relief for the fans who have been demanding for an MCU TV-Movie cross-over for so long because this would also bring in the Daredevil himself.

Kraven The Hunter

Spiderman villains

Kraven is easily one of the most requested characters for a movie appearance. Sergei Kravinoff is a Russian hunter with one never-ending goal: to hunt and kill Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. Bringing him in would set up a great story and a unique villain for our friendly neighborhood guy.

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