15 Marvel Heroes Most Likely To Get Their Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

There are a lot of superheroes out there in the world of Marvel who seriously need their own movie in order to raise their hype and also in order to satisfy the needs of fans. There are a lot of superheroes out there who has made a special place in the hearts of fans since then they have made their appearance on the big screen. So, today we are going to talk about superheroes who are in desperate need of their own solo movies and also some of the picks of the fans. So, the list is down below of the 15 superheroes who need their own movies soon on the big screen.

There are chances that these Marvel heroes will get the attention of Marvel Studios after the ending of ‘Phase 3’, which is going to end by the release of ‘Avengers 4’ which is going to come next year. But, these superheroes will surely get the chance once the Phase 4 will kick start and as we all know that the movie which is going to kick start the Phase 4 is none other than ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and fans are really excited with this imagination of seeing these characters int he Phase 4 of the MCU.

Moon Knight:

The amount of fans which want a movie of Moon Knight on the big screen is very huge and fans are simply in love with this character because we all know how much powerful Moon Knight is and also with lot of fans and people saying and claiming that he is the reply to DC’s Batman. Moon Knight made his appearance for the very first time back in 1977 and there are chances that Marvel can use their Moon Knight now when we all know that DCEU is struggling to use their superhero Batman at this point of time.

Moon Knight possesses a lot of superhuman abilities and one of the most interesting and amazing thing about him is that his powers depend upon the phases of the moon and it’s going to demand a lot of deep and great research from the makers at Marvel Studios.


It seems like it’s going to be just a matter of months when Disney will get the Fox deal done and will be able to unleash the full potential of the company. There are very strong and reasonable reports out there in the market that after the completion of deal between Disney and Fox, the first major project which Disney is eyeing is to bring the daughter of Logan on the big screen as we all know that the little girl in the movie gained a huge fan following among the fans when the movie ‘Logan’ came out in theaters.

Since then every person on the planet wants to see the story of that little girl and all the connections this movie will surely explore if it will come on the big screen. The X-23 is also known as Laura Kinney surely deserves a movie of her own and there’s no doubt after seeing her in action that she needs someone else int he movie in order to bring the audiences to the theaters.


We all know how brave, robust, and historic, Valkyrie is and also the level of Tessa Thompson’s acting is really huge and the biggest thing above all is that people really loved the character of Valkyrie in the movie Thor: Ragnarok and with reports suggesting that she is going to come back int he movie Avengers 4 as it’s really an indigestible thing to see that the biggest war of the universe is going on and one of the biggest and historic fighters of the universe will not come in a war like this.

So, we will surely see the last Valkyrie making her great Valkyries proud by teaming up with other superheroes in order to fight against Thanos. So, with Valkyrie coming in Avengers 4, there should be a movie of her own as we all know that her backstory surely have a lot of things related to Odin, Hela, and Asgard in particular. 


Marvel Superheroes

It was James Gunn who reported that Nova is going to be the character who is going to make its appearance in Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 3 but with the departure of James Gunn from the franchise. There are still many questions on the appearance of this character. Kevin Fiege also told about the inclusion of this character that,

“If we have a big board with a bunch of characters that have more immediate potential, Nova is on that board. Because of the connection to the Guardians universe, because there is more than one example to pull from in the comics that is interesting. He was in the earliest drafts of the Guardians of the Galaxy.” But, maybe this is the right time when we will see Nova making his appearance into the MCU with a solo movie of his own in the next phase of the MCU.

Silver Surfer:

We have to say that Silver Surfer is one of the most fascinating and historic characters of Marvel and getting a solo movie of Silver Surfer is going to be huge boost to the franchise because we all know that hhasve such a great history int he comics and have a great connections with one of the most popular characters of Marvel such as Galactus and many more.

We have seen in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer but that wasn’t enough for us and we want more of this superhero who has been in the universe with a lot of great stories inside him. A lot of questions regarding this character are int he minds of fans and they want to see him in a solo movie of himself in which we will get to see the whole fascinating origin story of Silver Surfer.


We all know how much popular Spider-Man is and he is one who is going to raise the curtain of Phase 4 in the MCU with his movie Spider-Man: Far From Home and all the fans really want to see the Spider-Woman soon on the big screen because they’re tired of seeing Peter Parker all alone after some time and seeing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman in the same frame will surely make fans a lot happy.

We all know that the origin story of Spider-Woman is quite complicated but if Marvel works hard as they usually do there are chances that we will see a movie of Spider-Woman soon on the big screen because the craze for the her int he comics and animated series is really huge.


We all have to say that after seeing the trailers and teasers of DC’s Aquaman we can say that they’ve done a very-very good job in terms of exploring and presenting the life under water and used the opportunity perfectly when no movie was there about under water. But, we all know about the quality of Marvel and if they’ll come up with a movie presenting underwater then we can surely expect a lot of great things.

The situation of this character is quite similar to the case of Rick Jones as much of its rights are in the hands of Universal Pictures at the moment because of which it’s really hard for Marvel Studios to bring him on the big-screen. But, there are reports according to Joe Quesada that the rights of the character has been floated back in the hands of Marvel Studios as the other studio hasn’t used the character yet.


Not many fans out there knows about this superhero so we have to tell you that Spectrum is the one who appeared back in 1982 in the name of Monica Rambeau. In which she played the role of a Patrol Lieutenant of New Orleans Harbor, at her time in this job profile she received superpowers because of some incident which provides her the ability of flying, throwing lasers, electromagnetic spectrum, and many other great powers which makes her very deadly as she can also fly in light’s speed also. She is a very powerful character and surely can add a brand new dimension in the MCU.

Adam Warlock:

One has to admit that it’s only the name of this character which is enough to create a huge electric buzz in our bodies as we all know how historic and great this character is and fans are really in their knees at the moment in front of their respective gods in prayer for getting this character on the big screen as soon as possible. It was very surprising and depressing at the first place to witness the absence of Adam Warlock from the MCU despite seeing the place ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ have right now.

All we got in the movies of the MCU is that Easter Egg of Adam Warlock but there were claims in the past that Adam Warlock was meant to be in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 but the movie already had a lot of character sin it and adding Adam Warlock in the middle of all these chaos would’ve been a stupid decision.

But, there are many claims and rumors again on the internet that the time of his incoming has finally arrived and we are going to see him in ‘Avengers 4’. but, there’s nothing we can say about his solo movie as we have to wait to see the reception he’s going to get if he’ll come.

She Hulk:

It’s hard to hope for a Hulk movie coming in anytime soon, but rumors are still in there in the rumor mill about the sequel of Incredible Hulk. But, seeing Bruce Banner on the big-screen portraying Hulk is almost impossible and chances of his cousin Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk are on the charts and possible joining of She-Hulk in the MCU.

Also, many actresses have shown their interest in portraying the role of She-Hulk as Angie Harmon of Rizzoli notably has come forward to play the role of She-Hulk. So, maybe we can get off her and Hulk together in some time for sure. In order to grow the popularity of Hulk again on the big screen maybe MCU should go for a She-Hulk movie as they’ve decreased the value of Hulk a lot in recent times and a movie of She-Hulk will benefit them from both ends.


Solo Hawkeye Movie

We all know that Hawkeye is going to make his return into the Avengers 4 and is going to play a huge role in the movie. We all know that the popularity of Hawkeye is very huge and also there’s a lot of depth in his story if people at Marvel Studios want to spend their time on it.

Solo Hawkeye Movie

With Scarlett Johansson getting their solo movie Black Widow movie soon on the big screen there are chances that we will see a Hawkeye movie soon and they should because both the characters are of almost same capabilities in terms of power and popularity.

Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

With the elimination of Jeremy Renner’s role form the movie Avengers: Infinity War, we got the idea of his popularity and what success a l=movie him can be because there was a clear storm out there on the internet when people went out of the theaters and didn’t get to see Hawkeye in the movie. 


Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

The Success Daredevil has had on the small screen is really huge and a lot of inspiration Marvel can take from there work on the small screen as it has been one of the most successful shows they’ve ever made and also the hype and love this show have in the hearts of people is huge and there’s nothing much to say about Daredevil as we all know how much success it has been and with Phase 4 coming after the release of Avengers 4.

Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

There are chances that maybe we will get to see the superhero making his way on to the big screen soon and this is the right time for Marvel to start working on a film of Daredevil because the popularity of this show is really huge right now.

Doctor Doom:

Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

We all know that Doctor Doom is one of the most popular and powerful villains of Marvel and with the completion of Fox deal there are chances that we will see one of the fiercest villains of Fantastic Four team. But, it’s going to really hard to get a solo movie of Doctor Doom because there’s nothing too much about this character in depth. But, in this time when we will see solo movie son some simply ridiculous stories out there, I think Doctor Doom is a far better option than that for the makers of Marvel.

Ghost Rider:

Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

This is going to be little tricky for Marvel Studios as they have introduced this character in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and has passed their powers in the hands of Robbie Reyes. But, the fans got disappointed by realizing that they’re not going to get the Blaze version of Ghost Rider instead of getting the Reyes one in the series.

But, we all know how popular Ghost Rider is among the fans and thus there are chances that we will see him in the MCU and with Phase 4 starting soon maybe we are going to see him finally on the big screen now.


Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

We all know how much powerful Sentry is and also the history of this character int he comic books is very huge and also his real name is Robert Reynolds.

Marvel heroes Own Solo Movies In Phase 4

It’s really fascinating to think about a movie based on the life and story of Sentry as we all know that he is simply very powerful and with his long connections with a lot of superheroes and supervillains in the comic books. it’s really easy to beg for a movie on Sentry from the makers of Marvel Studios.

These are the superheroes who deserve a solo movie of their own. Do tell us int he comments section as according to you movie of which character should come first form the makers at Marvel Studios?

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