12 Best Sci-Fi Series On The Netflix

Netflix has a huge fan following in our country. Its vast library of movies, tele-series, soaps, thrillers, and documentaries, makes it the most popular among the masses. Of all the tele-series being aired, Sci-fi series holds a special place. The futuristic portrayal and a strong storyline make the Sci-fi series worth watching. The best Sci-fi series on Netflix are:-

Sci-Fi Series On The Netflix

Lost in Space 

The series is about the travails of the Robinson family whose spaceship gets lost in Space.

Sense 8 

A series about a scattered group who are linked mentally all of a sudden. Set in a Sci-fi thriller backdrop it has the undercurrent of romance.

Altered Carbon 

This series is set in the future where people’s conscience have been stored and downloaded in stacks, which can thence be transferred into other bodies of sleeves.

Into the Badlands 

A gripping series of life in the future where war looms large over the populace. The story of a society that struggles to get back on its feet after a War.

The 100 

A very popular series about a group of maniacs sent from outer space to check if they can inhabit the Earth.

The Twilight Zone 

A mix of horror and fantasy along with special effects makes this an interesting watch.


The aliens are invading and you have to save the Earth…. that’s what the colony is all about.

The Walking Dead 

When horror mixes with Sci-fi….  Zombies are born. The fight of the living versus the dead is the baseline of this series.

Black Mirror

A thriller based on the future with a technological edge.

Dark Matter

Lost in Space on a marooned spaceship with spacemates who do not remember anything. It’s an adventurous tale about the journey through a cold and dark world.

Star Trek 

Our first introduction to the world and beyond with Captain Kirk and Doctor Spock.

Stranger Things 

The most followed Sci-fi series on Netflix. Stranger things is about the mysterious happenings in a small town in the USA and how the investigation reveals the involvement of the government which denies any such allegations.

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