Avengers 4: The Quantum Realm Avengers Suits are Completely Nano-Tech!

Avengers 4 Quantum Realm Avengers Suits:

Avengers 4 still hasn’t released anything officially and it seems we will get just one trailer, and the entire marketing of the film will happen through leaks. We got the first group concept art image through leaks, plenty of set photos have leaked, and now the Avengers Uniform has leaked! Have a look:

People believe that the Uniform Avengers suits are fake and photoshopped. Well yes they are photoshopped because that is how Concept Arts are made. But these suits are certainly not fake. They look weird as Concept Art images, but they will surely look great in Live-Action. What’s better is that these suits will serve a major purpose in the film apart from referencing that all these heroes are the Avengers.

Avengers 4
Avengers 4

These suits are certainly the Quantum Realm suits and we saw a peace of them through a leaked image of Thor & Rocket on the back of an action figure merchandise. As you can see above, these suits are very similar to what Hank Pym wore for his travels in the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Avengers 4 Trailer

So that has more or less revealed that these suits will be used for the travels of the Avengers through the Quantum Realm since the film will majorly involve the benevolent dimension.

But one thing that people seem to be noticing here are the devices which are on the palms of every heroes’ left hand. Does this ring any bells? Well it should as the various set leaks that came out earlier this year did pull in quite a lot of theories as we saw the mysterious wrist devices on one of the hands of Tony Stark, Captain America, Ant-Man and possibly Hulk.

Avengers 4 wrist tech
Avengers 4


Comparing these devices with the leaked concept arts, the hand on which Ant-Man is wearing the device is right which contradicts the theory that these devices are the same, but Cap is wearing it on his left, in both the images.

Quantum Realm Avengers Suits New White Suits


Also, the placing of these devices is exactly the same. So we have to believe that these devices are the same thing even though they don’t look alike. CGI can easily fix the looks of anything apart from removing Superman’s mustache so we need not be worried about the looks of these devices. But now you may be asking why do these devices seem to be an integral part of these Quantum Realm suits? This question can be easily answered with Nano technology.

nano tech iron man

If Iron Man’s entire suit can reside in his special arc reactor and Black Panther’s entire suit can reside in the nails of his necklace, then why can’t these Quantum Realm suits reside within a piece of technology installed upon the wrists of the heroes.


They currently are in Wakanda and the two geniuses who have used Nano tech in Super suits are also in Wakanda [Tony (presumably after the Time Jump) & Shuri], so every hero will certainly be getting the Nano-tech Quantum Realm suits of their own.

So the answer that we are looking for is that the wrist tech will enable the entire Quantum Realm suit to form around the bodies of all the heroes just like the Iron Man suit and the Black Panther suit. This should not be a major surprise for everyone and we even have a little evidence for this.

Avengers 4 Quantum Realm Scott
Avengers 4

If you noticed in the set photos the outfits of Captain America, Ant-Man and Tony Stark had CGI tracking dots, so it is highly likely that this is the time they will actually be in their Quantum Realm suits which will be created completely through CGI.

avengers 4 set Quantum Realm Avengers Suits New White Suits

This may be good for Marvel as they will not have to create the same suits for all the heroes in real as they can easily CGI them upon the heroes. Marvel did the same for Iron Man and Spider-Man in Infinity War and now it will happen for all the Avengers.

Quantum Realm Avengers Suits New White Suits

Even though these suits explain the set leaks, they now bring us into a major dilemma when it comes to the plot of the film. We thought we had an idea of what was going to happen, but now we don’t.

Avengers 4 Lego Iron Man Quantum Realm qr city


With so much Quantum Realm stuff happening, it wouldn’t be very surprising if the entire final battle takes place entirely in the Quantum Realm city. It is believed that all the disintegrated Avengers are in the Quantum Realm, so if the ones who are alive also move into the Quantum Realm, then the major team up and the final battle in that dimension is very plausible. Rest we may have a clear picture when the first trailer comes out.

Avengers 4 will open on May 3, 2019.

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