Zack Snyder Confirms That ‘Atom’ Was in His Version of Justice League

Zack Snyder is one of the most important people in DCEU as his efforts for the rise of DC haven’t gone unnoticed. Snyder has been busy in the past building the universe for Justice League and we can see that in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder has been doing this without even a second’s break, starring 6 heroes against the deadly Steppenwolf and the introduction of Mera and Deathstroke shows that Justice League was adapted directly from the mythology of DC Comics. Synder also planned his way of introducing Ryan Choi, a.k.a. the Atom, in Justice League.

Zack Snyder Atom Justice League

Hiding things and flaws from the eagle-eyes of the fans of superhero movies is one of the hardest things in the world and that’s what we witnessed again earlier this year when a fan spotted something while re-watching Justice League. He noticed that Ryan Choi’s name was displayed on a computer screen at S.T.A.R. Labs. Then, after so many months on the line, in a Justice League promotional picture, a fan found that Silas featured next to an Asian Scientist and was later confirmed by Snyder on VERO that he was Ryan.

But the scene was cut-off in the later stages of post-production/re-shoots phase when all the duties came in the hands of Joss Whedon when Snyder stepped down from the directorial duties during the post-production of the film to properly deal with the death of his daughter, Autumn Snyder. Now that the cut has been revealed, fans aren’t too happy by this but it was reported that many actors aren’t interested in this.

Henry Cavill also expressed his thoughts on the cut by saying,

“I don’t know if a Snyder cut actually exists or not, so the only way I can look as it is a business model, and I don’t know what the difference it’s going to make. There are stories to be told, which need to be told and adjustments that can be made, but that’s not going to make difference.”

With Cavill stating his point clearly, it was storyboard artist Jay Olivia who took on Twitter to explain her point as she told us about Warner Bros. sitting on it by saying,

“Yep it does and do exist, if it doesn’t then what did Zack screen to execs prior to Whedon? If you don’t care for it then step aside because you’re just parroting what bloggers are saying without any real knowledge or insight.”

Ryan Choi first appeared in DCEU comic, Brave New World which was created by Gail Simone and Grant Morrison. Ryan Choi, as described by DC solicitations, is “A young hotshot professor who’s filling the extra spot on Ivy University’s teaching staff…and who inadvertently ends up filling the old Atom’s super-heroic shoes.” This new Atom is based on a redesign by Grant Morrison. Choi made his first appearance in the new Rebirth Continuity in the Justice League of America: The Atom one-shot, by Steve Orlando and Andrew MacDonald. His suit is designed to resemble Ray Palmer’s in the Arrowverse TV Shows.

The Ryan Choi incarnation of the Atom is a playable character in Injustice 2, voiced by Matthew Yang King. He appears as a part of the “Fighter Pack 3” DLC. In his single-player ending, he upgrades his abilities with Brainiac’s abilities and technology to go subatomic and into the Microverse to rescue his emptor, Ray Palmer.

The Ryan Choi version of the Atom appears in the film, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash voiced again by Eric Bauza. So hopefully, we get to see The Atom battling Black Manta in a video game format for now and it seriously has taken away a lot of sadness and blow from our faces and heads.

The version of Atom was ranked as the 144th Greatest Comic Book Character of All-Time by Wizard Magazine. IGN also ranked the Atom as the 64th Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time stating,

“Of all the superheroes out here, Dr. Ray Palmer might be one of the most brilliant tortured souls imaginable.”

So, fans are in awe to see this powerful and intelligent superhero in the DCEU.

So, are you from the side of those fans who want to see him in joining hands with DCEU or a small cameo is fine for you? Comment down your feedbacks below.

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