10 Moments That Made Us Ship Jon And Daenerys

Since a long time now GOT fans have been shipping a forbidden relationship and have been waiting for them to get together. Jon and Daenerys are nephew and aunt but people just can’t stop shipping them. The last season was proof that the audience just needed more moments to see these two together. These are some of the best Jon and Dany moments till now and we hope to get a lot more in the final season.

 1. The awkward first meeting

The moment Jon and Dany come face to face for the first time there was a tension in the air. They both had different agendas but ultimately they wanted the other one to take them seriously. It was an important scene as it establishes their personalities well. Danaerys has struggled too much to be where she is and therefore has pride and a thirst to reach her goals whereas Jon is humble and has never wished for power.

 2. When Dany trusts Jon with military advice

Before Dany was about to attack the Lannister army she asks Jon what he thinks about the idea and this proved that she saw Jon as her equal and could respect him as a fellow leader. Jon is honest with her and tells her what he feels without hesitation. It was a precious moment as Dany really wanted to know what he thought about her actions.

 3. The Cave

Caves have had a huge importance in Jon’s life as he had one of the most precious moments with his first love in a cave. Before mining the dragon glass from that cave, Jon took Dany to show her the cave paintings made by the children of the forest. These paintings were essential to prove the existence of white walkers with Dany and the moment was important for their relationship.

 4. When he convinces Danaerys about the real threat

In the cave, Jon convinces Dany that the real enemy is the army of the dead and they need to unite against it. Dany says that she will fight for him and the north if he bends the knee. The moment gave us chills and we just shipped these two even harder. They bicker and argue and Dany is stubborn but they still seem perfect. They really are ice and fire and we need them to be together!

 5. When Jon leaves her at the shore of Dragonstone

This scene was so intense and we could just see the love and concern in Dany’s eyes. When Jon says that if doesn’t return she won’t have to deal with him anymore to which she replies that she has grown used to him! This moment was crucial in the relationship between Jon and Dany as it showed how Dany finally felt something for Jon and wanted him to return.

 6. Dany puts herself in danger to save Jon

When the suicide squad is in the north of the wall fighting the white walkers, Dany was in distress and nothing could stop her from entering the battle. Even though Tyrion advised her to do nothing, she had to save Jon and the others no matter what. This led to her losing one of her precious dragons and it shows how she could not just leave her army or Jon to die.

 7. When it was established that they were the new age R+L

The scene when we see the flashback of Rhaegar and Lyanna tying the knot in a ceremony, the scene cuts back to Jon and Dany and the voice over is still talking about the former couple. Danaerys is the blood of Rhaegar Targaryen and Jon is the son of Lyanna. One love story started the whole war and conflict and maybe this new age love story might end it and bring peace.

 8. When he finally bends the knee

This scene holds huge importance in their relationship. So after the disaster with the white walkers killing Viserion and everything, Jon who is injured consoles the grieving Dany and declares his allegiance to her. He now knows that she would fight for the right cause and therefore tells her he would follow her. This much awaited moment was precious to watch.

 9. “My Queen”

Jon and Daenerys

After declaring his allegiance, Jon calls her ‘Dany’ to which she replies that she can’t remember the last time someone called her Dany. To this Jon Snow gives the best reply by saying “Alright, not Dany. How about my Queen?” This scene was so breathtaking and we just couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction as the two main characters would now fight as one.

 10. When Drogon trusted Jon

This was such a breathtaking scene when Jon touches Drogon and Dany is trying to see what is happening. The scene was a hint to Dany that Jon is actually her kin but maybe she needs more proof. The scene was terrifying and romantic at the same time and so was the conversation they had after that. This also showed that Drogon could sense Jon’s Targaryen blood and trusted him.

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