New Infinity War Fan Theory Claims Only [SPOILER] Can Cure The Hulk!!!

If you still do not know (and living under a rock for all we care), Infinity War was the grand culmination of everything Marvel and it has delivered on the MCU’s promise to bring in all our favorite Marvel Superheroes into one big frame. But the arc did not just make these heroes join hands. It has done that and a lot more. It has introduced new character subplots and new subordinated story arcs that are as equally interesting as the main plot line itself. One of those subplots was the Hulk. After taking a beating of the century from the Mad Titan himself, the Hulk was so shit scared that he decided to stay out of the ring for the whole of Infinity War’s runtime. But there is no MCU without the Hulk. One way or another, Avengers 4 will bring out the green raging monster and send him on a rampage. But how!! A new fan theory claims that a superhero is a key to solving this problem. Presenting – New Infinity War Fan theory claims only [SPOILER] can cure the Hulk!!!

Hulk Infinity War Fan Theory

The fan theory joins the story arcs of Avengers Infinity War and the upcoming and as of yet untitled Avengers 4 movie. Bruce Banner is having ‘performance issues’. And we do not know why. Surely he took a beating from the Mad Titan but he has taken lots and lots of beatings and has gotten his ass kicked more times than we could care to remember. But what is about Thanos’ fists that turned Hulk into a scared little Cat? The problem is unknown and the Solution is unknown as well. Well, up until now anyway. There might be a way of bringing back the Jade Giant back. And it all ties down to one new Marvel Superhero.

Can you guess which superhero we are talking about?

It is Janet Van Dyne aka The Original Wasp of the MCU. Her extended voyage into the depths of the Quantum realm could unlock the secret of bringing back the Avengers’ primary brawns back into the field. But isn’t Janet dead? There might be a way of bringing her back to the land of the living if Redditor Beardicorn is to be believed. He says and we quote:

“This is in conjunction with the theory that the Captain Marvel Movie will introduce time travel, or quantum time travel, and either stop The Snap from happening or bring the fallen Avengers back somehow.”

With her being back in action, the road is wide open for Janet to come to the Hulk’s aid and help him. Since Janet already possesses mysterious quantum energy manipulation abilities that transcend both mind and body, this is an entirely plausible theory.

“When Janet Pym comes back from the Microverse we find out she’s harnessed quantum energy from the Microverse’s Kosmos and acts a conduit to transfer this energy, as well as a heightened physiological understanding of the human mind. We see the former when she transfers quantum energy to Ghost, with just the touch of her hands ending her cellular breakdown and pain. The latter is shown when Hank goes into the Microverse to bring her back, he starts to crack as the Microverse begun messing with his mind.

Janet is able to calm him down and keep him from losing his mind, again by manipulating and transferring quantum energy to Hank by the simple touch of her fingers. Another ability we see is how she’s able to use quantum energy metaphysically on a mental level. When Scott was in the Microverse, Janet metaphysically transferred quantum energy into Scott’s mind, sharing memories and a consciousness with him. By doing so she turned Scott into a beacon or physical antenna to where she is able to channel her presence into him.”

And how is the Hulk related to all this? The Hulk is also suffering from severe mental trauma after his fight with Thanos. This is where Janet comes in.

“Now that Janet has escaped the Microverse with these new powers, abilities, and deeper understanding of the human mind/psyche, she could be the key element in Bruce and Hulk’s battle in coexisting. Using these powers she could metaphysically bring Bruce and Hulk into a state where they are able to work(fight) our their differences and come to a resolution that neither can exist physically or mentally without the other. Janet then melds their psyches together into one mind and soul and uses Hulk’s physical form to house them. Introducing Professor Hulk.”

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