Captain Marvel: The Official Description of Team Starforce Scene Revealed

Captain Marvel recently made the world a better place by giving us the first live action look at her and the characters from the film. It is going to be an origin story for the strongest Marvel character but apart from her, there are going to be so many other amazing characters in the film. Through EW we got a good glimpse at the story of the film and we now know that it will take place on three fronts, which are from the perspective of Kree, Skrulls and the people of Earth.

Captain Marvel Starforce

One of the many images from the EW reveal was the first look at the Kree team, Starforce that will be led by Jude Law’s Mar-Vell. Starforce is described as the Kree’s SEAL Team Six. Korath the pursuer from the Guardians of the Galaxy is part of it and Ronan the Accuser looks to be the right-hand man of Mar-Vell. Minn-Erva from the comics can be seen on the extreme right and we can see that Carol Danvers will be taking charge in what looks like the team reporting for a mission.

While the trailer of the film is still at least a couple of weeks away, we actually have a description of a scene depicted in the image of Starforce. Marvel_Freshman has shared a photo which partially reveals a description of the Starforce scene. This description reveals that the scene was filmed in California, but it is actually the planet Torfa where the Starforce is on a mission. This mission is not going the way they would have preferred as foggy conditions have interfered with their communicators and clouded the view. The team is up for locating a missing spy and in this dangerous situation, Captain Marvel steps into action at the order of Law’s Mar-Vell.

It is not clear upon who this spy talked about in the description mentioned above is. He may be a part of Starforce itself. Also, it is likely that the spy may have been apprehended by the Skrulls who are the looming threat over the Kree. This could instill a story arc where the spy actually gets replaced by one of the Skrulls and the team ends up having a mole with them.

While we may get this scene to be a part of the first trailer, it is still good to have some insight on a scene of the film. From what we can make out, Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers are going to stick together for quite some time and Ronan and Korath will be banding together towards the end which might set them on the path to Guardians of the Galaxy.

It is also good to see that Marvel is again at expanding their cosmic boundaries here and they have added another planet to their list by the name of Torfa which made its debut in Captain Marvel #2. We may get a fully fleshed out story of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of this planet, or it may be a visit for a mission like Vormir was in Avengers: Infinity War.

EW also revealed the big villain of the film as it was discovered that actor Ben Mendelsohn will be playing the leader of the Skulls named Talos. He is known as Talos the Untamed, due to his ruthless nature as a warrior and he is going to lead the shape-shifting alien race to invade Earth. Here’s the first look at the Skrulls in Captain Marvel, and the Skrull we can see ahead of everyone could be Talos himself.

Well, Talos is different from the rest of the Skrulls as along with his ferocity, he does not actually have the ability to shape-shift which led to him becoming a fierce leader that everyone is afraid of. But it seems that the MCU version of Talos will have this difference as we can see in the image above that Mendelsohn is in human form hiding in plain sight with the two Directors of the film. 

We will find out more once the first trailer comes out towards the end of this month. By the looks of it, Captain Marvel will probably turn out to be yet another major solo success as the audiences are responding really well to it. The people may love it as much as they loved Black Panther.

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