10 Superhero Movies That Were Way Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

This is the era of Superhero movies and every year we keep getting more and more movies in the comic book genre. With Marvel earning the big bucks with these movies, every Studio wants to cash in those big earnings at the Box Office. But moving apart from the Box Office Earnings, these movies actually have to be good to do well. Most of the times the movies we were really hyped for did not turn out to be as we expected, but sometimes these Superhero movies actually turn out way better than they have any right to be. Here is a list of 10 best Superhero movies:

 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After the successful launch of Captain America franchise, its sequel took it to the next level. It was more like an espionage thriller than a run-of-the-mill superhero outing. SHIELD was penetrated by HYDRA, the villain was menacing and had an intimate connection with Steve Rogers’ past. This was one of the very few times that Marvel actually took a much darker and brutal tone in their plot. A must watch if you are a fan of spy drama and superhero stuff rolled into one.

 2. The Dark Knight

It was truly the milestone achieved by Christopher Nolan in the history of comic book film making. Gotham confronts its most diabolical, psychotic and harrowing villain in the form of Joker who plays deadly mind games with Batman and calls himself as “agent of chaos”. Heath Ledger posthumously won an Oscar for the “Best Supporting Actor”, many believed he immortalized the character of the joker with his unbelievable performance. He really raised the bar for the other villains and took this movie to a whole new level! This is every DC Fan’s go-to movie in a big fan war!

 3. Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is the movie that began the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No one really expected this movie to actually be the best Superhero origin story ever. It was truly epic in every way. It had the right amount of action, humour, a great plot true to its source material, and most of all, this movie was elevated with just one man at the center, Robert Downey Jr.! He really is Iron Man.

 4. Logan

Hugh Jackman hung up his claws after this movie as it gave him the farewell he deserved! It was a very emotional outing for every Wolverine fan, and the general viewers as well. Getting the R-Rated tone, it was the first time we actually got to see the perfect Wolverine in the way he should have been portrayed right from the get go. 

 5. Deadpool 

Powers and Abilities of Deadpool

After someone leaked the test footage for Deadpool (Thank God), Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller really got the license to create magic on the big screen! The Sexy Motherf***er got the spot light that he deserved on the big screen and he made it count, becoming the highest grossing R Rated movie ever! What’s great to say is that Deadpool 2 is as good as the first one, if not better!

 6. Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins brought Wonder Woman to life in a great way after she had an amazing debut in BvS. Jenkins elevated Wonder Woman from there on after Gal Gadot had already proven the world that no one else could have played this character better. This movie did have a mediocre third act, but it was still the big celebration of an extraordinary female led Superhero movie for the first time. It surely is WOD’s best movie without a doubt.

 7. Black Panther

Director Ryan Coogler made a cultural Master piece that was excellent in every way! It was the complete package having the right amount of emotion, humour, a great plot, over the top action sequences and a lot more. It amazed fans with some amazing tech and visual effects bringing Wakanda into focus! Kevin Feige himself confirmed that it was indeed the best movie Marvel has ever made!

 8. Spider-Man 2

Sam Raimi did really well with his Spider-Man trilogy even though Sony intervened a lot with the third instalment, turning it into a pile of chaos. But the sequel to Spider-man was actually the best movie for the Web-Slinger till now! Everything about the movie was just spectacular as Doctor Octopus turned out to be the best Spidey villain on screen and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was just amazing in this particular outing.

 9. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Many may argue that First Class should have been in this list ahead of Days of Future Past, but we have to say that DoFP had a much bigger responsibility at its head, and it totally fulfilled that responsibility in every way possible. Bryan Singer returned to the X-Men Universe, connected the prequel to the originals, erased what was bad while opened many opportunities for the future movies to take over. First Class was just a good origin story but DoFP did a lot more!

 10. The Avengers

Superhero Movies

Finally, Disney studios decided to take a plunge to fulfil the dream of every Marvel comic book fan by bringing together the earth’s mightiest superheroes in a single frame. Joss Whedon killed it and wowed audiences as they cheered, drank, ate and marvelled at it all. It was the best Team Up movie ever in the Superhero genre. no matter what Marvel is able to produce now and in the future, we cannot take credit from the Avengers away. It is the movie that gave the Superhero genre its peak!

Honourable Mention – Avengers: Infinity War


You didn’t think that we’d leave this one out! Infinity War is the biggest Marvel movie ever made. Everything about his movie was just grand and it totally deserves a spot at being claimed as the greatest comic book movie ever! It was a story about a villain who actually won accomplishing his life’s mission. Never has this actually happened at such a big scale. 

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