Avengers 4 Theory: The Skrull Amongst Avengers is None Other than Thor

2019 is going to be huge for Marvel as it will start with the debut of Captain Marvel on the big screen, then we will have the Phase ending ultimate finale Avengers 4 which will bring in every Marvel Cinematic Universe hero (dead or alive) ranging from Thor to even Quicksilver. And then we will be introduced to the new era of the MCU with Spider-Man: Far From Home. We will see the final stand of the Avengers against Thanos, but what Marvel will slip in a potential future threat in Avengers 4 who go by the name of the Skrulls!

Avengers 4 Theory Skrull Thor

Captain Marvel will bring in the shape-shifting alien race which will probably be the beginning of the Secret Invasion plot and that will be further set up in Avengers 4, even if the focus largely stays upon Thanos. Given in what the Skrulls excel, it is believed that Earth has already been infiltrated and even one of the original 6 Avengers is actually a Skrull. But the big dilemma is that who it could actually be. There have been behavioral changes amongst many characters which have brought them under suspicion of being Skrulls but nothing that we say can actually confirm the fact that one of these Avengers is a Skrull.

There have been theories in the past which suggested that the Hulk could actually be a Skrull and when he left Earth, he might have been apprehended by the Skrulls from Sakaar after the Quinjet landed there. The explanation to this was that in Avengers: Infinity War, he was not able to come even close to the strength of Thanos, and later, he was not even able to become the Hulk again. But we all know that this could not work in any way as none of the Skrulls could have the knowledge that Bruce Banner possesses. Hell, they could not even have known that Hulk could actually shrink down into a human.

Now, a new theory has come into the light which suggests that the Skrull amongst the Avengers is none other than the Mighty God of Thunder Thor. Reddit user J-Patrick has his reasoning for why Thor could be the green shape-shifting alien and here’s what he posted:

“So my theory is that in avengers 4 it will be revealed that Thor is a skrull. From his introduction in Thor right up to Age of Ultron Thor is, generally, serious and males little to no jokes. This changes with Ragnarok where Thor’s personality changes conpletely to one of a man who spends his time cracking wise and having a good time. (This is where the Skrull takes over.)

In the outset of the film he states that he set out looking for infinity stones but failed to find any. However, Thor (The real one) did know the location of several. The space stone was at asgard, which is why is tries to stop Surtr to prevent the destruction of the space stone. The reality stone was with the collector (delivered by the asgardians) and the power stone was in Xandar (Thor knew this was as he states this to the Guardians in Infinity war. Thor’s costume design also changes inexplicably between Age of Ultron and Ragnarok, showing the change in identity.”

Again, this theory does not have a big definitive reasoning to explain Thor being a Skrull. According to me, Thor was always a funny guy, only the previous movies did not use the great comic timing of Chris Hemsworth to the full potential, which is why so much comedy out of a sudden felt inappropriate to some fans. If you do go back in movies, Thor did crack some subtle jokes here and there, only this time his sense of humour was dialed to 11.

He could not be a Skrull in any way. None of the Skrulls could actually survive the heat of a dying star anyway and to contradict this theory, Thor was trying to find the last two Stones which he did not know about. Conveniently, his vision in Age of Ultron did not show him the location of the Time and the Soul Stone.

Thor will return in Avengers 4 which comes out on May 3, 2019.

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