Venom Trailer Has Revealed Shocking Secrets and Plot Details

With the next movie that is about to hit the movie theatres being Sony’s first Spider-Verse movie not featuring Spider-Man aka Venom, the hype train has gone into overdrive. 2018 is the year of superheroes. Marvel had already been at the top of their game with Black Panther, Infinity War and Ant-Man 2. DC is also about to enter the fray with Aquaman and Fox has already done it with Deadpool 2. Can Sony take a slice of that pie with Venom? Judging by the looks of the official trailer, it is highly likely. Presenting – Venom: 15 incredible secrets from the new trailer we bet you surely missed that you shouldn’t have!

 1. Eddie Brock is a Journalist with a Heart

In the comics, Eddie Brock was a morally corrupt reporter at first. In order to get the coin on an interesting storyline, he wrongfully published an article implicating an innocent man being an infamous serial killer. Spider-Man later proved it to be untrue by unmasking the real serial killer later. In the movie though, Eddie seems to have a moral compass and is adamant on doing things the right way.

 2. There are Multiple Symbiotes

The Symbiotes are a race of parasitic beings from an alien planet. In Venom: Lethal Protector storyline, it is revealed that the Life Foundation used the Venom Symbiote to create several off-springs that later were attached to specific hosts. In the movie trailer, it is revealed that the spaceship carrying the Venom Symbiote also had in it other symbiote samples, confirming that more than two symbiotes exists within the movie.

 3. Scream vs. Venom

In one particular scene, Eddie Brock is attacked by a strange, creepy looking woman in a research facility. Eddie Brock is probably trespassing into a Life Foundation research division top find out what exactly is happening under the tunnels. A woman attacks Eddie soon after, later identified to be Scream herself. Scream is one of the most dangerous Life Foundation symbiotes, with the ability to use her hair to create sharp objects that can slice and pierce through anything.

 4. Enter Carlton Drake

Carlton Drake had remained an enigma to the whole movie going community until the official trailer revealed his motives to everyone. Carlton is a visionary of sorts. He believes that humanity has stagnated on genetic terms and is not going to be ready under natural terms to survive the next ecological Armageddon that is sure to come. To help force mankind to adapt, Carlton wants the power of the symbiotes and eventually save the world.

 5. Say Hello to Toxin

Toxin is, interestingly, not related to Venom but Carnage, another of Venom’s off-springs. Toxin is perhaps the strongest symbiote in the Marvel Universe after Venom and Carnage. The movie shows Carlton Drake using a test subject to see how the Toxin Symbiote adapts to a human host. The grin on Drake’s face says it all. Fun fact – Toxin is actually a superhero in the Marvel Universe and is the only symbiote that Spider-Man trusts as an ally.

 6. Jenny Slate

Venom New Trailer

She might not have been just another one of those names if it had not been for a very interesting fact – She is the one that told Eddie Brock about the inhuman experiments being carried out at The Life foundation. She actually can be seen in the background of various scenes from within the trailer.

 7. Venom Hates the Hospital

Not the hospital per se but the MRI scan is something the trailer shows the Venom having particular distaste of. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a machine that uses powerful magnetic waves to create a 3d scan of the whole body. In the comics, the symbiotes are exceptionally vulnerable to all sorts of waves including magnetic ones. This might explain why Eddie Brock is experiencing sudden pain after the scan. It is the symbiote taking over.

 8. Venom has his own Mission

In the comics, Eddie Brock and the symbiote bonded so well together because of their mutual hatred for Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. But the trailer has completely flipped the coin. The trailer shows that the Venom Symbiote has his own objectives that he wants Eddie to help him fulfill. When Eddie asks the alien what he wants, he replies by saying “You’ll find out.” Sony has smartly decided to make symbiote a separate living entity with its own needs, wants and sentience. Bravo!!

 9. The Chase Scene

The Venom Symbiote finally decides to help poor Mr Brock. When Carlton Drake sends his goons to catch the guy and bring him to the Life Foundation, Eddie decides to run. But the goons are right behind him. The ensuing bike chase scene shows Eddie being helped by the Venom Symbiote in getting rid of their pursuers. The tendrils of Venom are used in full force. Sony is rather proud of this scene which would explain why it is shown in every one of its trailers.

 10. Eddie Controls the Symbiote

The symbiote wants Eddie to let him loose and watch the mayhem. But Eddie wants the symbiote to show restraint. Eddie asks the alien goo to only hurt the people who deserve it and leave the innocents alone. The Venom Symbiote hesitates and laughs at Eddie’s morality. In the comics, a similar pact between Venom and Spider-Man exists, with the latter promising to leave the former only if Venom keeps himself to hurting criminals.

 11. The Venom Tentacle

In one particular scene, the symbiote physically manifests itself as a living breathing limb of Eddie Brock, appearing as a tendril from one of his arms. This is something that hasn’t been shown in the comic books. The trailer only showed us that Eddie and the symbiote talk psychically. This proves that the Venom Symbiote grows stronger within Eddie with time and is a signature of creativity for Sony to push itself out of the confines of regular comic book envelope of storytelling.

 12. We are Venom

One of the scenes shows Eddie lying in the middle of the road, badly injured. The scene probably happens at the end of the motorcycle chase scene.  The Venom Symbiote is seen taking over Eddie’s body, healing its wounds and covering his body with a black suit. This is what everyone was waiting for. This is ENTER VENOM!!!!! This is when the lethal protector, the anti-hero of anti-heroes finally makes his cinematic debut.

 13. “So many sacks, so little time”

Eyes, lungs, Pancreas – so many sacks, so little time. One of the most iconic lines from the movie!! When Eddie decides to give in to the monster within (literally), there is no stopping the alien juggernaut from wrecking mayhem. Venom kills everyone on scene and then holds the last guy standing by his collar. That is when Venom gives out his signature dialogue. In the comics, Venom is known to display cannibalism. As a matter of fact, he uses cannibalism as a weapon to instill fear into the hearts of criminals. Will we see his hungry side in the theatrical cut too??

 14. The World has Enough Superheroes

This is the tagline of the entire movie. Eddie Brock aka Venom is not your typical carped crusader or man in tights. He won’t save your cat from a tree or help an old woman cross the street. But if you are on the wrong side of the law and you as much as hurt an innocent. Venom will hunt you down and kill you. The guy is known well for his extreme justice. The Anti-Hero has come.

 15. Riot vs. Venom

Venom Trailer Has Revealed Shocking Secrets and Plot Details

Riot is going to be the big bad of the movie as revealed during last year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Riot, in the movie, has a peculiar trait of transferring from one host to another. This is probably why Venom has so much trouble fighting him as Riot can change hosts, unlike the other symbiotes, within moments. Riot then decides to vent his frustration on the staff of the Life Foundation. The mode of attack that we see in the movie is actually of phage, not Riot. Phage is another one of the symbiotes that is reportedly appearing in the movie. The trailer’s final shot shows Carlton as Riot and Brock as Venom locked in combat, each trying to rip out the symbiote from the enemy hosts.

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