10 Powers and Abilities of Deadpool Even Diehard Fans Never Knew

The Merc with a mouth got a shit ton of skills. If you think you know them all, we are here to prove you wrong. Wade Wilson was supposed to be a caricature of DC’s Deathstroke when he was first bought into the pages of Marvel publications as a concept. He has essentially become one of Marvel’s greatest cash cows. We already have two movies starring him in the lead and are about to have a third (hopefully!!). But even after two long movies, most of Deadpool’s abilities stay a mystery to many. Presenting – 10 Powers and abilities of Deadpool even Diehard fans never knew!!

 1. Superhuman cancer

Cancer cells have a peculiar ability. They can regrow at an alarming rate. There’s a reason Wade Wilson has a skin that looks like ulcers and gangrenes had a baby. It is because Wade’s healing ability is basically derived from cancer cells. That is the reason his skin looks so ugly. He is just one giant cancer cell in human form. This is where his healing ability is derived from.

 2. Super Strength

That’s right. Wade is super strong. Marvel’s comic book website has Wade listed as a being with super strength under the powers section. But he is not as strong as say, the Hulk or even Colossus. Wade Wilson can be considered to have a strength that is higher than Captain America’s though. Not that he needs his strength anyway. For Wade, guns and swords are his ultimate superpowers.

 3. Superhuman Endurance

Endurance is the ability to get hit, fall down, get back up and be hit again but still keep standing. Superhuman endurance is an ability that is seen mostly in the likes of Superman and Wolverine. But Deadpool is no stranger to this superpower. Time and time again, Deadpool has endured inhuman amounts of punishment only to come back fully healed and with renewed vigour. Endurance, one might say, is Deadpool’s most prized asset.

 4. Inhuman agility

Spiderman is the most associated one with this ability. The way he dances around his enemies while doing his popular acrobatics as he jokes around to tick his enemy off is the stuff of legends. But may do not know that Deadpool once stood in for Peter Parker in an issue! In Deadpool #11, Wade Wilson travels to the past and acts as the replacement for Peter Parker in a fight with Kraven. Kraven never realized that it wasn’t Spiderman he was fighting but Deadpool. This is a clear testament to his abilities as an acrobat.

 5. Teleportation

Powers and Abilities of Deadpool

This ability is no more shown in the comic books. When Deadpool first started out as a hero killing mercenary, creators not only gave him the ability to heal from almost anything but also the power to teleport. Deadpool had with him a teleportation device that allowed him to slide away from one place to another within seconds. Naturally, such an absurd ability made him heavily over-powered and the comics later never showed this ability again.

 6. A bag that can store infinite items

Deadpool’s endless sack is something that has been on and off again in the comic books. Batman has his utility belt and Deadpool has his sack. He can pull any weapon out of this sack and store virtually anything in it. The power could be attributed to the fact that Deadpool knows he is inside a comic book world and the rules inside his universe are flexible…. At least for him, it is!!

 7. Fractured psyche

This might look like a disability but only someone like Deadpool can turn even this into an ability. Deadpool is insane. That much is a given. His mind has been fractured into millions of personalities that try to influence Wade Wilson’s conscience. This, although makes him talk and act crazy at times, has made his mind unreadable by someone with psychic powers. This also makes him a liability within a team, which is exactly why the X-Men think thrice before hiring him for a mission.

 8. Holographic disguise

The Marvel Universe has a technology called the image inducer – a device that allows you to disguise yourself into any shape and form you want to become. This does not mean Mystique is out of business though since the Image Inducer’s uses are extremely limited. Wade Wilson has this technology and he has used it from time to time for various comic effects.

 9. Immortality

Lady Death, believe it or not, has a thing for Deadpool. Maybe it is his general disconcert for manners and well, death. We will never know how was she smitten by the charms of a living, talking cancer cell. But Thanos, who also has a thing for Lady Death, was so jealous of her fondness for Deadpool that he used the Infinity Gauntlet to ‘curse’ Deadpool with Eternal Life. That’s right folks. Deadpool can never die and thus, will never have his soul pass into the afterlife.

 10. Ability to senseth Fourth Wall and break it at times

deadpool 2

The way Deadpool talks with the readers from within the confines of the comic books makes him a class apart as a superhero. But at times, this ability of his has turned into a curse. In Deadpool Kills the Marvel universe, Deadpool kills everyone within the Marvel Comics Universe because he realized that all their adventures are scripted and essentially ‘useless.’

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