Ghost Rider vs Thanos – Who Will Emerge Victorious?

This is a battle that has worked in the comics, but it will never happen on the Big Screen. Ghost Rider is immensely powerful and has been massively underused cinematically. He can easily hold his own against the likes of Thor and he also has the ability to take down Thanos himself. So, in a tough battle like this, let’s just analyse the powers of these two individuals, and find out whether Thanos would come out on Top, or the Rider will take him down!

The Mad Titan

Ghost Rider vs Thanos

Thanos is notably the biggest villain the Avengers have ever had to face. He is the ultimate big bad of the entire Marvel universe and is famous for conquering entire universes in the multiverse. He just becomes unbeatable with the number of powers he has which are the Superhuman strength, durability, endurance, and intelligence, Energy manipulation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, teleportation, and Longevity. Along with this, Thanos gets hold of the Infinity Gauntlet which contains the 6 infinity stones that could wipe out the entire universe with just one blow.

He is known as the Mad Titan by the galactic community and the Dark Lord by his most loyal underlings. He is a very powerful cosmic warlord that rules over a very distant region in outer space. Along with all the powers mentioned above, he commands two massive armies known as the Chitauri and the Outriders. Along with his armies, his loyal generals who are also his children in the MCU are a part of his very evil Black Order. The members of The Black Order include Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidion and Corvus Glaive. He is also the father of Nebula and Gamora, and with the use of the Infinity Stones, he can control all of these individuals together and with the powers of this unified team combined, he could take out any being in the entire multiverse.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider vs Thanos

The Ghost Rider is an Anti-Hero from the Marvel comics. Johnny Blaze is the first Supernatural Ghost Rider as he agreed to give his soul to ‘Satan’ (Mephisto), in order to save the life of his father, and in return, the stunt motorcyclist got possessed by a demon. During the night, when evil is looping around, Johnny Blaze’s flesh gets consumed by hellfire, and his head turns into a flaming skull. This version of Ghost Rider rides a fiery motorcycle and wields blasts of hellfire from his body, usually from his skeletal hands. Johnny Blaze eventually found out that he has been bonded with the demon Zarathos.

Other individuals that became the Ghost Rider are – Danny Kench, Alejandra Jones and most recently, Robbie Reyes. The Reyes version of Ghost Rider actually drives a black classic muscle car reminiscent of a modified 1969 Dodge Charger instead of a motorcycle. The Ghost Rider has some insane Supernatural abilities, as when Johnny Blaze turns into the Skull headed burning Superhuman, he becomes virtually indestructible and notoriously hard to injure by any conventional means, as bullets and knives usually pass through him without even causing any sort of pain. The Motorcycle he is famously known to ride can travel faster than any conventional vehicle and can perform such seemingly impossible feats as riding across water surfaces, up a vertical surface, and even leaping across great distances which the normal motorcycles cannot.

Ghost Rider vs Thanos

Even though the Ghost Rider is made up of Bone and Hellfire, he possesses formidable superhuman strength which is so immense that he can easily lift a truck and throw it across a road. Along with that, the Rider possesses the ability to burn the souls of the guilty through his Penance Stare.    

Thanos vs Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider vs Thanos

Strength wise, both these individuals are almost equals and they will be able to resist the massive blows of each other. If Marvel would have used Ghost Rider in the movies, then a battle amongst these two in Avengers 4 would have been a surety, but since the Rider is limited to TV, he will always remain to be underpowered.

Still, the Burning Skull does possess a power which can actually take Thanos down, or at least the MCU version of him. The Ghost Rider possesses the Penance Stare, which is the only power that can have an effect on Thanos. As we saw in the movie, he mourned the death of his Daughter, so he does have a soul and surely has guilt for that. So, the Penance Stare will burn his soul. But for that to happen, the Rider has to get closer to Thanos. He might not be able to do that on his own. Perhaps if someone like Mantis could hold him down for just a second, then the Rider would have his opening.

Ghost rider vs Thanos
Ghost Rider vs Thanos

But the fact that Thanos possesses the most powerful weapon, the Infinity Gauntlet, Ghost Rider cannot come closer to him. So the final verdict would say that Ghost Rider will win it if Thanos does not have the Gauntlet, otherwise, the Mad Titan will come out on Top.   

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