Avengers: Infinity War – Why didn’t Odin or Heimdall Know About Thanos Invading Nidavellir?

Avengers: Infinity War was the first movie that brought in more than 20 Superheroes within a single movie. It showed how Marvel had evolved from just Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. With so many characters coming into the mix together, the creative team obviously had to sacrifice upon the screen time of some characters in the movie. It was a story that focused mostly on Thanos, so for that to happen, many of our favorite heroes had to take a time cut.

It was a movie mainly about 2 characters, Thor and Thanos as these are two characters who enjoyed the most amount of screen time in the movie. Thanos explained his motivations and fulfilled his destiny throughout the movie while Thor went on a journey of self-discovery in order to regain his strength and be fully prepared for Thanos. Thor’s journey took him to Nidavellier, where he forged his new weapon Stormbreaker and went on to battle Thanos a second time.

Thanos Odin Heimdall Avengers: Infinity War

He got real close to defeat Thanos, but the little moment that Thanos got to snap, he stole the show and accomplished his mission. But before all this, he went to Nidavellir and invaded it killing all the dwarves who were living their peacefully. He left Eitri the Dwarf alive as a reward for making a Gauntlet that could harness the power of all the Infinity Stones at once. But, he cut off Eitri’s hands so he could not create what he has once again.

Nidavellir, as we all know by now, was the home of Thor’s old hammer Mjolnir. Since he did not have Mjolnir anymore, and to defeat Thanos, he needed assistance from another stronger weapon, which is why he took Rocket and Groot along to forge Stormbreaker. But as he reached the dying star, he was attacked by a worn and broken down Eitri the Dwarf.

Eitri told Thor that he was supposed to protect their little planet but he did not. Thor was not around for the meanwhile as he was protecting the realms in his own way, being away from Asgard and Earth as well. The Attack on Nidavellir happened in that while so this does raise a big question that why were Heimdall or Odin not aware of the invasion on Nidavellir?

Odin is the All-father and Heimdall can see all the souls of the entire Universe so they should be aware of such things. As we know Odin was under the spell of Loki for quite a while, and then even after he broke out of it, he retired and spent the last few days of his life in Norway on Earth. So we could assume the fact that the invasion might have taken before Odin broke out of Loki’s Spell.

As for Heimdall, he can see everything and everyone in the Universe, but his power is from Asgard and ever since Odin was out of the picture, Loki removed him from his job, and he also led to the downfall of Asgard. So during all that time, the power of Asgard was weakening, and all the9 realms were in total chaos. So if Asgards power was weakening, then it could be possible that Heimdall was wearing down as well.

Even if he wasn’t, all the 9 realms as mentioned by Thor himself were in total chaos, and Heimdall could not really do anything about it even after he knew about the kind of catastrophes taking place everywhere in the Universe. He could barely help Thor out, and he was busy focusing on the safety of Asgardians, so even if he knew about Nidavellir, he could not really do anything about it.

Also, Heimdall could look into the places of his choice, and Nidavellir is a place where Kings went to forge their weapons, so unless someone from Asgard would have gone to Nidavellir, Heimdall might not have checked up on the place. There could be many more reasons. It may even get answered in Avengers 4 which comes out on May 3 next year.

Here’s the official Synopsis of Avengers 4:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality
is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

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