This Avengers 4 “Plot Leak” is the Craziest Thing You Will See Today

Avengers 4 is coming out in 8 months and after seeing Infinity War, there are so many theories that are revolving around the internet that we may have lost count for them. The plot of the movie is going to be even more insane than what Avengers: Infinity War showed us. What we saw just a few months ago was the biggest Marvel movie ever, and the final movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going take it even past that.

Avengers 4 Plot Leak

The scale and scope of Avengers 4 are going to be even bigger than what Avengers: Infinity War had to offer us. There are going to be even more characters coming into play as the ones who died will make their return while the number of supporting characters will also increase substantially this time with the likes of the Grandmaster, Ancient One, Janet Van Dyne, Happy Hogan and many others coming into play along with the new heroes that will also be added to the film.

So, the entire plot of the movie is going to be one giant crazy ride. The way Avengers: Infinity War ended, the plot of Avengers 4 was left wide open which allowed even more number of predictions to come in as compared to what there were in Infinity War. The entire story of Avengers 4 is going to be so insane that we will not be able to predict the entire movie by any chance whatsoever.

So far the aspects which are confirmed in the movie are just Time Travel, the use of Quantum Realm and BARF technology in the film. But even that has induced so many vague and unbelievable theories to come out amongst the ones which are more believable and plausible. There have even been so many plot leaks which have driven our thoughts to some crazy lengths.

A new “plot leak” has hit the net via the ever-(un)reliable 4Chan which has actually given us a look at what the entire story of the movie might be. According to what this source has to say, the movie will begin with Ant-man escaping the Quantum Realm as he ends up meeting a younger Hank Pym. Then he goes on and tells him about how he reaches in the past, which will lead to them making devices that allow Time Travel. Things get interesting from here on as Eternity (teased in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) comes in and helps the two to create some kind of Time Travel gauntlets for the Avengers to put into use (like the ones we can see in the image below).

Another theory which has more or less been confirmed is that Thor will travel to Hel as he goes to the same cave in that he went in Age of Ultron situated at the Durham Cathedral. This has been confirmed more or less by the set photos and in those set photos, a dummy of Rocket could also be seen, so Thor would take him and possibly Valkyrie along, travel to Hel where Hela is now, demanding an army of fallen Asgardians from her.

Realizing this, Thanos sends his army to battle the one that Thor is bringing in, and leading this war, Thor will perish along with Captain America which will end the first act of the film! The second one would then see another Time Travel sequence, and the leftover Avengers will go to the first New York battle in order to recruit Captain America from that timeline (as the set photos have shown us). Then they will travel to the first Thor movie to bring in a younger Thor. After that Captain Marvel comes in helping Doctor Strange to escape from the Soul World which leads to the Avengers demolishing Thanos! This here ends Act 2!

If you think Thanos dying in the second act is the crazy part, then think again because from here on, Eternity returns proving to be the real big bad. Here follows an insane twist which shows that Eternity is actually Tony Stark from the future who became this strong by absorbing the energy from the Infinity Stones which were destroyed in the past that is yet to happen.

Avengers 4 Russo Brothers Secret Avengers

Seeing Tony become this evil and immensely powerful dude, Doctor Strange seeing the bigger picture now decides to kill off the Tony Stark from the present! As crazy as this is, it cannot be true at all because it just cannot!

Doctor Strange saw a future where Tony is essential for beating Thanos, so he won’t go and just kill him off in the next movie. Also, this is a lot to take in and there are so many other characters with their own story arcs that will come into play, so we cannot believe this plot leak to be anything more than a grain of salt. Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019. 

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