Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory – Captain Britain Will Be Introduced

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is moving pretty quickly from the development to the production stage now. Recently at ACE Comic-Con, it was revealed by Tom Holland that the title of the upcoming Sony-Marvel sequel of the Webhead will be Spider-Man: Far From Home. This movie is probably going to be way different from what Homecoming was as it will take place 2-3 years later than the first movie took place.

Avengers: Infinity War took place almost 2 years after Homecoming did. Even though Peter got disintegrated in Infinity War, we still know that he is going to be back in Avengers 4 somehow. The makers of the movie keep saying that Spidey and all other disintegrated heroes are Permanently Dead, so they will have to involve the Time Travel or Multiverse theory in there. Spider-Man Far From Home’s timeline will heavily depend on when and what happens in Avengers 4 because the movie is going to take place just weeks after the events of Avengers 4.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory – Captain Britain

So, if Avengers 4 takes place a year after Infinity War, then it would mean that there is almost a 3-year gap between Far From Home or Homecoming. Either that or Avengers 4 could somehow alter the timeline and give us a sequel directly after Homecoming or whatever. But from what we know so far, we are going to see something very unusual with Peter Parker this time. In this sequel, he will actually leave New York and go to London, Europe on a summer vacation during school break.

So that is where the Far From Home title would come into play. Now here is a major theory that comes into play. What is Spider-Man Far From Home is actually introducing a new MCU superhero altogether? Sony’s deal with Marvel for these Spider-Man movies says that Marvel needs to put in 2 of the MCU Superheroes in these Spider-Man sequels. Now, since Spider-Man is going to go to London in this movie, a major possibility of a new MCU hero to be put in somewhere in the movie could actually be Captain Britain.

Marvel is looking to really expand the MCU into new directions in Phase 4 and this would be a major step towards doing that. About a year and a half ago, Marvel was teasing heavily about a reveal for Captain Britain to be happening, but as it turned out, Marvel wanted to go in a different direction with the character and figure out where exactly could they put this new character. At that point of time, Marvel already had an actor in mind for the role and they were even scouting locations to shoot the film. But it turned out that Marvel wanted to wait on it to figure the right time and place to put the character in.

As recently as December, Kevin Feige teased the fact that Captain Britain will surely happen at some point in the MCU. Even though they had an iteration that they were working on, they decided to put in on halt to figure out a proper debut for the character. With Spider-Man going to London in the beginning of Phase 4, this could be a great time and stage to bring Captain Britain into the mix.

Marvel will obviously have to alter the origin of this particular hero to a certain extent, but it is highly possible. The fact that Spider-Man and Captain Britain have teamed up in the comics numerous times does help the cause. This would also work in a diverse setting, focussing on heroes not just from the United States. Just like the Wakandan and the Sokovian heroes were brought into the MCU, it could be time for someone from Britain to show up as well.

It would be really amazing if something like this happens. This is just a speculation so you have to take it as nothing but a grain of salt. Feige has even revealed that this is a character for which numerous actors have already approached MCU for auditions. So, the day for the debut of Captain Britain may not be very far.

Spider-Man: Far From Home would come out on July 5, 2019. Would you guys like to see this hero make his debut in Spider-Man 2? Tell us in the comments.

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