Only A “Die-Hard” Selena Gomez Fan Can Answer These Questions About Her!

Selena Gomez is one of those singers who has proved that age is just a number.  She made her television debut when she was 7. Can you believe she has her own production company as well?

She became the youngest member to became the brand ambassador of UNICEF.  She is fond of clothes and has a great fashion sense, and has her own fashion line. 

Apart from fashion and singing, she is engaged in philanthropic work as well and raised a charity organization “Raise Hope for Congo” which helps raise awareness about the violence against Congolese women.

At such a young age she has billions of fans who are just crazy about her and her voice. But that doesn’t mean that they really know everything about her.

There are fans and then there are “die-hard” ones. Want to know to which category do you belong? Play this quiz and find out!

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