16 Roles That MCU Actors Don’t Want You To Know

MCU actors are so awesome that we cannot believe that at some stage they have made the initial career which was forgettable in many ways. Check out the roles that MCU actors don’t want us to reveal:

Chadwick Boseman – Third Watch

Image Source: DRAFT DAY

Chris Pratt – The Huntress


Chris Hemsworth – Guinevere Jones

Image Source: Demotivateur

Robert Downey Jr. – Pound

Image Source: Entertainmentwise

Tom Hiddleston – The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Image Source: How To Watch A Movie – blogger

Scarlett Johansson – North

Image Source: imdb

Mark Ruffalo – Summer Playhouse

Image Source: LockerDome

Benedict Cumberbatch – Heartbeat

Image Source: luinalda – Dreamwidth Studios

Sebastian Stan – Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding

Image Source: Movie-Fan-Central

Tom Holland – The Impossible

Image Source: Pinterest

Jeremy Renner – National Lampoon’s Senior Trip

Image Source: Pinterest

Anthony Mackie – 8 Mile

Image Source: Gangster Squad

Elizabeth Olsen – How the West Was Fun

Image Source: Playbuzz

Zoe Saldana – Law and Order

Image Source: Trend-Chaser’s

Paul Rudd – Sisters

Image Source: Twitter

Chris Evans – The Newcomers

Image Source: Youtube
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