10 Mind-Boggling Powers of Ant-Man That You Never Knew

Ant-Man, a superhero who was initially underrated but then proved his mettle in the movie Captain America: Civil War when he stood up against veteran superheroes. Ant-man’s character had a late introduction in the MCU and his powers and abilities are still not properly known. From the movies, we got an idea that he can shrink his body and can become a Goliath. Here are some explained facts about the powers of Ant-Man.

Ant-man is a superhero which was introduced by the genius Hank Pym. Hank Pym is the one who invented Ant-man suit and over top of that, he also invented Pym particles. Hank Pym himself became the first Ant-man and mastered the tech that he developed. He also introduced this tech to his wife Janet Van Dyne who then became The Wasp. Now, the role and suit of he is passed on to Scott Lang.

Pym particles are the tech behind the suit which allows the user to shrink down to a size similar to ants. These particles were discovered by Hank Pym, hence the name Pym particles. Pym particles are in a liquid elixir form and allow the user to alter their size as per their need. With Pym particles comes the theory and application of Quantum realm or microverse and Overspace that are whole different dimensions.

 1. Shrinking power

Powers of Ant-Man
Powers of Ant-Man

This is a power of Ant-man that everyone is aware of. He punches the button and allows the Pym particles to shrink him down to a very small size. You must be wondering small size will reduce the strength of the character but it is not like that, Pym particles allow the user to shrink down but without altering the user’s body composition and mass. Now, here comes the science shizz, smaller surface area means high pressure and force. So, basically shrunk Ant-man packs the power that is actually greater than his usual.

 2. Ant-man or giANT-man?

Pym particles allow the user to shrink down and on the other hand, it also allows the user to grow and become a giant. The small guy can become BIG if required. Ant-man uses Pym particles that allow him to gain mass and density from Overspace.

 3. Improved resilience

Powers of Ant-Man

Ant-man suit and use of Pym particles result in increased durability and resilience. Pym particles that interact with the user’s body offer increased strength and sturdiness. Great strength and increased durability with alteration in size make him a powerful superhero.

 4. Communication with ANTS

Genius Hank Pym developed tech including Ant-man suit, Pym particles and has done ample research in cybernetics that’s how he came up with a helmet that allows the user to communicate with ants. These ants are very important for he to complete his mission and they come to aid whenever needed and this actually happens because of Dr. Hank Pym’s genius level intellect and his work in the field of cybernetics.

 5. Quantum Realm introduction in the MCU

Powers of Ant-Man

He can shrink down to a size of atoms means Pym particles allow the user to visit microverse or Quantum realm. This realm is way more different than the realm we live in. Quantum realm is at subatomic level where one can literally see atoms. Janet Van Dyne is also said to be stuck in this realm and it was initially forbidden by the Hank Pym to go into Quantum Realm but then he still visited there and came back like a boss.

 6. Overspace 

Overspace is also a dimension exactly opposite to microverse. Overspace is a dimension overall dimensions where one can interact with celestial and cosmic entities. This dimension can be reached by growing to an infinite size with the help of Pym particles.

 7. Communication with Human

Communication with Humans? Any human can do that but when you are the size of an ant, how are going to chit chat with humans. Boggled, right?  Ant-man suit’s helmet developed by Hank Pym has a sound amplifier that allows the user to communicate with the humans in the shrunken size.

 8. Ant-man’s ride

Powers of Ant-Man

Looks like ant-man has a different taste when it comes to transportation. He in his shrunken state flies at the back of ants, isn’t that cool?  He can control and communicate with ants because of his cybernetic helmet. His last ride name was Anthony but she died on a mission.

 9. Superhuman strength

He can’t only alter size but he can also stand his ground during fights with the ability of super strength that he got from the use of Pym particles. That’s why he is able to smack down people in his shrunken form and one instance of that is when went head on head with Falcon.

  10. Pym discs

Powers of Ant-Man

Pym disc is a weapon invented by Dr. Hank Pym and these discs are located in the Ant-Man’s belt. These discs contain Pym particles and allow the user to change the size of the object on which they are thrown at. There are two types of discs: a) Red disc and b) Blue disc.

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