MCU: There Are Multiple Villains Who Will Take On “The Avengers”

April 27th, 2018 marked the start of the end for the three-phased MCU. Next year we will see Avengers 4 hit the theatres as the culmination of over a decade of moviemaking, counting more than 22 movies in its entire roster. The Marvel Cinematic Universe pitted to become the biggest movie franchise of its time, and it won’t be completely preposterous to believe that we may see the Marvel Cinematic Universe break every record in Hollywood’s books after phase 3 ends completely.

 Some fans have speculated that this entire arc from ‘I am Iron Man’ to ‘balancing the universe’ has just been the first part of Marvel’s grand plan when it comes to their movie franchise. Though I too, would like to hope that this is true and I would love to cheer for Marvel, the thing is that we actually have no idea where the MCU is heading after Avengers 4.

Up until now, the fans had infinity gems/stones as clues to future plotlines, but the question is once this conflict is dealt with in Avengers 4, then how do we proceed? Some fans may argue that the future of the MCU is the fox properties that Disney will acquire after the merger. That sounds like a reasonable assumption, but Disney CEO Bob Iger has an opinion that different greatly from yours.

MCU Infinity Stones

Bob Iger suggests that Marvel studios are currently working on a new franchise, a superhero team that will be something “beyond the Avengers”. And we know that he is not referring the soon to be acquired fox properties, no sir, Bob Iger is suggesting something very different. The fandom believes that the hint is towards a Thunderbolts movie. But what is that, you ask? Why have I never heard about this team up until now, you say? The answer is simple, Thunderbolts have always been a team of villains.

Now now, take a rest, let me tell you a little story, it’s a story about the remnants of a universe after a calamity, the individuals who remain are what you may call the filth of society, and although up until now they have only used their talents to further their own agenda, they now want to help society, because the calamity has claimed their heroes.

Sounds shady, right? Well, you won’t be too far from the truth, you see the team known as Thunderbolts is not only completely comprised of villains in disguise, but they are also a bunch of self-serving anarchists. Mostly every team ever known as Thunderbolts has always been the creation of a villain, the first iteration of the team coming into the limelight after Marvel’s ‘onslaught’ event that left all the heroes dead or deserted throughout the Marvel universe.

Maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading towards the iteration of the team that was led by Hawkeye. Wait, what is that? Hold on for a moment, yes sir, Hawkeye also led a version of this team. It was this version of Thunderbolts that could be confused for protectors of the right and just. Maybe this is what Iyer means by “beyond the Avengers”.

It would certainly make sense, and it will also bring back the villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a substantial way. Think about Ultron and Baron Helmut zero combining their intellect and powers to assist Hawkeye in a post infinity war Marvel Cinematic Universe.

MCU: Will We See A Team of Villians Take Over The Avengers

It will also be prudent to establish a strong reason for Hawkeye’s absence in Infinity War. The hero was missed, his expertise could have been useful to both Stark and Steve. Who knows what the writers are planning. We may even see a budding inception for a team such as this come Avengers 4.

MCU Villains

Rogue villains led by a hero on a crusade for good when all have for a basis is a misplaced sense of justice so contorted by their own perception and viewpoint on the world that they have decided to be against it. Until then this is all just pure conjecture, of course. Avengers 4 will hit theatres on May 4, 2019.

Are you excited? What are your theories? Let us know in the comments below.

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