The Flash Will Die In The ‘Heroes in Crisis’ Event!

So, the news is doing rounds that The Flash is going to die in the next comic event. The writer Tom King has revealed it by saying “You can’t have a Crisis without a dead Flash”.

Now, this clearly means that Tom is about to kill Flash in the next comic. They teased during the DC press event which was focused on the series. Tom King said that he wasn’t supposed to give any insight of the story, but obviously went and teased it anyway. He also talked about the Infinite Crisis era of DC’s recent history, when Wally West was absorbed in the Speed Force like Barry Allen once was.

We don’t really know why Tom would do such a thing, why would he spoil one of the surprises of the comic. All we know is that he is up with something great this time; he might have spoiled that because there’s a much bigger thing to come. Now, this is just a speculation, we are not betting any odds here, anything can happen and we can certainly expect anything in the world of comics.

King is right now leading the Batman’s wedding and also working on the Superman’s short story in Action Comics. We speculate that all of his work is leading to his ‘Heroes in Crisis’, which actually makes sense. He is working to make this comic a big one.

Heroes in Crisis’s story take place at, a mental health facility Sanctuary, which was put together by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. When the story starts, we see a slaughter at the facility, which kills a lot of people. Booster Gold and Harley Quinn become the prime suspects in the crime, who were also there for the treatment.

Barry Allen as we know sacrificed his life to stop Anti-Monitor in the Crisis of Infinite Earths and came back to the Dc comic for the first time since 2011 and then it was turned out that Flash family casualty of Infinite Crisis.

Heroes of Crisis will come up in the shops on 26th September, and it looks like they have done a good job to make this a successful one.

A few days ago, King got a number of death threats and for San Diego Comic-Con, they gave him a Bodyguard. He got the threats for his comic Batman #50. Now, why would anyone threat someone to kill just because of his artwork? This is what King said

“I was assigned a bodyguard by my con agent. Anyone who read the issue and felt that pain would get a little salve with it, and you’d see that there’s that twist at the end that sort of says this isn’t over. For five days [fans] didn’t get the salve, and they didn’t get the twist. They just got the pain. And so for those five days, understandably people were very upset […] and I can’t blame them. And it used to be when you’re very upset you yelled in the shower, now when you’re very upset sometimes yell on your phone. And some of those people, you know, they said some things that were, you know, just like, ‘Go kill yourself’ or ‘I’m going to come after you’ or ‘You’re fu****.’

What I got was a mere percentage of with some people get. There used to be a bounty on my head from the fucking Taliban — I can deal with a few Twitter followers.”

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Regarding his Batman 50, he said that he would imagine it comes from Batman #50 and does happen, but they always tell creators if you feel any sense feeling imperiled or in danger they will do what it takes to make sure that they feel protected.

He also said about his bodyguard that he is as much as a bodyguard as Batman is the husband of Cat woman, shooting at the one who made the threat.

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