10 Facts About Marvel TV Shows That Actually Make Them Better Than The MCU Movies

Marvel TV Shows have managed to pull off some remarkable feats in their time within the MCU. While people really rave about the MCU movies, the Marvel TV shows have also been able to set the bar high by producing really unique TV shows which have been grounded in reality and at the same time have also explored the vast boundaries of fantasy and fiction. These are the things that Marvel TV shows have done better than the MCU movies.

 1. Developing a character

The TV shows of the MCU have the liberty of spending time with the characters on the screen as they get multiple episodes to do that. The movies, on the other hand, do not share that privilege. When it comes to putting in multiple characters together, many characters who do not get a lot of spotlight feel really underdeveloped. Infinity War, in particular, could not do justice to all the characters it had due to limited screen time. While characters like Phil Coulson, Matt Murdock, Quake and many more were allowed to create a bond with the audiences.

 2. Comic Book moments

Sometimes the movies end up making something totally different from the source material even though they share the exact name of particular comics. They take up moments from the comic books and mould them in certain ways to fit in the movie. The TV shows, on the other hand, have the liberty to focus more upon the comics. Example Daredevil season 2 portrayed the Punisher V Daredevil arc which was really identical to the comics. Agents of SHIELD, Runaways and many more shows have also been able to put out material which you will only find hidden deep in the comics.

 3. The Overall Connection

All the TV shows from Marvel have presented facts and Easter Eggs that happened within the movies, acknowledging them to their fullest. The movies, on the other hand, have never acknowledged anything happening in any particular shows. Agents of SHIELD has always maintained the big connections with all the movies that come out, so that is a really good thing. Also, characters from the movies have had numerous appearances on the show.

 4. Character Diversity

The MCU movies have just now started to bring in diverse casts and have started to represent them according to their cultures and beliefs. The TV shows, on the other hand, have always been grounded in realism, explaining different and diverse people while also acknowledging the LGBTQ community numerous times.

 5. More Relationships

One thing that the movies have not really focused upon are titular & supporting character relationships. They have not really explored this particular area in the MCU. Ant-Man and the Wasp is probably going to change that. But the TV shows have made the relationships among the characters as a part of their character development, so again, realism kicks in and the characters feel more relatable. Fitz-Simmons, Luke-Claire, Coulson-May, etc. are few of the many examples of this.

 6. Better Villains

Well, this is debatable as both the TV and movie departments have been the culprits for putting out good and bad villains. But the TV shows have really managed to develop their villains well whereas the movies are mostly focused upon the heroes. Some villains like Wilson Fisk, HYDRA and even Bushmaster to certain extents had a class which was visible on-screen.

 7. Relatability

Many characters in the various MCU shows have been grounded to reality, following stories that actually do happen in the real world. Also, the longer character developments allow people to really connect with the characters and feel what they are feeling even though they are super-powered beings. The shows have displayed the human side of these characters.

 8. Avengers Repercussions

MCU TV Shows MCU Movies

The Avengers really set up the entire MCU, but the events of the movie have not been particularly acknowledged when it comes to showing the after-effects of the battle of New York. There have obviously been mentions and many stories have been driven marginally due to that, but the TV shows have actually shown how the world was affected by seeing what was introduced in the Avengers.

 9. Sociological and Political issues

Not many MCU movies have used the big issues of the real life, particularly because of the fact that they haven’t had the proper screen time to explore that. The Winter Soldier was a political thriller, but apart from that, movies have not really acknowledged the social horrors of life. Racism, sexual abuse, and many such things have been portrayed really well on the smaller screens.

 10. Darker Stories

10 Facts About Marvel TV Shows That Actually Make Them Better Than The MCU Movies

The MCU movies have not necessarily been dark, and even the darker moments that have death and destruction are not portrayed with graphic violence and feelings. Rather, the very next scenes mostly contain humour. The TV shows, on the other hand, have been able to really tap into the darker storylines. The Punisher, Daredevil, and even the final season of Agents of SHIELD have all explored darker plots. The only really dark portrayal in the movies has actually been the big finger snap, and probably the death of the Stark parents.    

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