Captain Marvel: Is Jude Law Really Playing Superhero Mar-Vell in the Movie?

It was in 2013 that marvel studios finally announced the planned movie titled Captain Marvel. Age old fans of the publisher rejoiced when they heard that Captain Marvel was finally coming out of the obscurity she’s faced in comics and is now getting the center stage in Marvel’s highly successful and ongoing cinematic universe. During the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con it was revealed that Brie Larson would be playing the ultra-powerful cosmic powered superheroine named captain marvel in the Marvel cinematic universe. And finally, filming of the movie began in January 2018 with a release date set for March 2019.

Although not much is known about the movie besides the fact that it will be set in the past of the Marvel cinematic universe and the fact that it will include a young nick fury, fans are still riled up in anticipation. We hope to see who Kevin Feige (the boss at marvel studios and the visionary who started all of this) describes ‘the strongest Avenger we’ve ever had by far’. We want to see Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, in all her cosmic brilliance.

In the recent times, there has surfaced some new information about the Captain Marvel movie, it has been revealed that Jude Law has been cast to play a role in the movie. Although, no more information is available in this regard. Fans have been speculating that Jude Law is playing the role of Kree hero Mar-vell, the actor himself has refused to accept or deny this speculation. This raises a lot of questions, not only the involvement of Jude law but also Marvel’s possible role in the big screen reproduction of the story of Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel.

Now for the uninitiated let’s talk about the origin of Captain Marvel for a bit. We all know Carol Danvers as a mild-mannered CIA agent who has ruled the world of espionage for a long time. She has been hailed as the best spy out there and arguably one of the greatest field agents SHIELD ever had.

Nick Fury was considered to be one of her mentors and had some role to play in Danvers’ life before she got involved with the Kree hero in hiding (Mar-vell). It is here where we are confident about the facts because this is the origin story of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers.

You see, Carol was one of the top espionage agents in the country and she got involved with a scientist (a very proficient but secretly Kree superhero scientist) whose real name was Mar-vell. This ‘man’ became carol’s lover and her support system as their relationship grew. He was her confidant and her lover and this fact was exploited by Kree generals who had ulterior agendas against Mar-vell.

Long story short Carol was caught by these Kree villains and in an attempt to rescue her Marvell ended up exploding a device that fused his and carol’s DNA together giving Carol Danvers her powers.

captain marvel powers

Once the powers were transmitted and Carol Danvers became the cosmic power slinging ultra powerful badass superhero that she is, she decided to use the name Ms. Marvel when dispatching of evil-doers, it was her way of paying homage to her lover and hero. The name stuck until it was time for Carol to take up the mantle of ‘Captain Marvel’ itself and become the hero she admired.

So if the rumours are to believed then we can expect to see Jude Law as the lover and hero of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers. It is a complete possibility that the entire Captain Marvel movie while disguising itself as an origin movie is a retelling of the real Captain Marvel. We are pegged to see a completely different story with penis partying stakes. Something that Marvel has never done before.

If there is death and destruction in Captain Marvel then it will be attributed to the Kree generals and their personal agendas against Captain Marvel. The hero will face his enemies, woo his lady love, and then die in the end, all that’s left for Marvel to do is to tie the story in a pink knot, because it’s practically gift wrapped at that point, along with the Jude law casting rumor.

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