MCU – Here are Avengers Who Might Be Skrulls!

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe had been building up to something, something that would shake the premise of the story around which the MCU revolves. The idea was to change everything, challenge the current status quo, complete the story that was started with the Avengers. Earth’s mightiest heroes met their match in the form of Mad Titan and his lust for the infinity stones and the power they granted. He wanted to reduce the entirety of creation to half its glory. Quite literally.

Thanos’ might knows no bounds, a fact we’re brutally reminded with the dawn of infinity war and the apparent defeat of Avengers. We find ourselves at a crossroads while looking at infinity war, if this is what the writers decided to showcase before the end, what else do they have in store for us. What are we about to find?

Hawkeye's Family Infinity War

The real question is what are all the new plot lines we are going to get out of this narrative change in the form of infinity war. Are we going to see an elseworld iteration of the entire series where everything goes desolate and everyone dies, or are we headed to a future where the next generation is fostered by the adults and they spearhead the revolution to defeat evil? Will we ever get to see the living counsel? Will thanks reign supreme? So many arbitrary questions. Not enough answers.

The majority of the fandom thinks that Marvel is still hiding a lot of stuff, they have subplots buried beneath subplots to the point that the entire stage is soon going to hit a paradigm shift.

But that is not what we are here to discuss today, the issue we have in front of us is the more conventional kind. We have a series of questions that stem from the plot of Infinity War itself and these questions deal not only with the outcome that Infinity War presented to us but it also deals with the next installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The question we will be answering today is, who of the Avengers are really Skrull in disguise?

For the uninitiated, the term ‘Skrull’ must sound like something straight out of the old page of rusting comic file cabinets and you won’t be entirely wrong but I would ask you to humour me all the same. You see, the Skrull Kree war has been the basis of any major event in space that Marvel has ever written. These two races have been at each other’s throats for ages now and Marvel history is littered with characters placed by each side, on earth or otherwise, in an attempt to foil the progress of the other side. The Kree Skrull war has been brutal throughout the ages and the war is ever growing more and more dangerous as both sides are now bent on genocide.

But the Kree Skrull war is only important because we need to understand how dangerous these races have become, especially inside the Marvel lore. They’re the symbols of ever-warring races, the epitome of war in the Marvel comicverse, if you may. The idea being that Marvel gets to create a superhuman shapeshifter beast out of thin air and then blames it on the Kree scientists.

Avengers Skrulls

But there is more. You see, both the Krees and the Skrulls have, on numerous occasions, created problems for everyone at our blue little planet. In fact, it was in 2007 (before the MCU) that the secret invasion storyline saw Skrull wage war on earth from the inside. The Skrull spent decades (Using their shapeshifting powers) to infest the human race and rise to positions of power. During this period, they created veils or covers to blend in with our society and they had even replaced some of the Avengers to successfully invade the planet.

The secret invasion storyline saw Hank Pym and a couple of other Avengers reveal themselves as Skrull and threw the comic world into chaos as the heroes battled to overthrow the Skrull and realign the power so that it lands back in the hands of humanity. It was one of the greatest events the writers ever did at Marvel comics and it ensured them good comic sales.

Fans are of the opinion that this the direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading towards. But if that is true then which of our beloved MCU Avengers are secretly Skrull?

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