Will Avengers 4 Have More Death and Destruction Than Infinity War?

On April 27th something happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The epic team of enhanced individuals known as the Avengers came face to face with a tyrant who hailed from the dark quadrant. The resulting chaos and the tyrant’s thirst for blood resulted in a massacre. His macabre approach to combat and his lethal and precise movements took our heroes by surprise and razed them from the surface of this planet. Although the fight was divided between two sets of superhero. One trying to fight the tyrant on his home ground and the other who prepared for infiltration and acted as the last line of defense against the wrath of the Titan. The entire plot revolving around the destruction of the universe.

And the loss. Oh my lord, the loss. The most hard-hitting deaths we’ve ever encountered in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. The entire premise being utterly earth shattering and reality bending. We are living in a great time if the society is exposed to movies where your heroes are fallible, where they fall to the might of evil more an once. Kids should know, life ain’t always fair.

Like someone said, Marvel is humans pretending to be Gods and DC is God pretending to be humans. So Marvel heroes, albeit powerful in their own right, have a big head and prideful ideas. The death of these ‘Gods’ reminded us of their inherent humanity.

The death of Spider-Man was intriguing and devastating at the same time. Similarly, Nick Fury came as a surprise, and in the after credits scene no less. Captain Marvel was a no-show and Groot dies needlessly leaving rocket alone. Iron Man was faced down by the Titan and later lost the entirety of his infiltration team. The crazy consequences and death sequences so sad they moved us to tears.

It was astonishing how the entire movie clicked with fans so well not because of the skill of the Mad Titan but the devastation that his wrath brought upon the so-called ‘heroes’. It was almost poetic when Tony Stark was attacked with his own armor, when the weapon used to pierce his iron suit was a shard of his broken pride. The symbolism was strong with certain aspects of the movie.

So much so that the fate of certain characters hit us right in the middle of the chest cavity. Our hearts were ripped to shreds as these heroes were taken away from a Marvel Cinematic Universe that has barely got out of the years of its inception. The franchise is undoubtedly big. The question is how big will it get and how much will the audience take. There is huge possibility that everything might not end well even after this first part of Infinity War. And with an infinity gauntlet powered Thanos on the loose who knows how many more heroes will lose their life?

Now let us piece together the information that will determine how this entire story will progress after the war. The great suffrage that will be Avengers 4, it will involve the last stand against the might of the Mad Titan. A possibility where the entirety of the remaining heroes will unite against the tyrant of the dark quadrant in hopes of making up for their sub-par performance while trying to defend the cosmos. A lot of things could happen here, but before we start to theorize how it may go down we still need to examine what current information we have of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First things first, let’s debate who will lead the re-united force of the Avengers during the events of Avengers 4. Steve Rogers is a powerful contender. Not only is the Captain one of the most proficient soldiers in the Marvel Universe, his tactical mind is far beyond the capabilities of that of a normal human. He operates at peak human capability and most importantly he has lead the Avengers before in a fight against the chittauri. There’s also the fact that Steve naturally possesses leadership skills that are required of commanding officers.

The other obvious contender in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Robert Downey Jr’s, Iron Man. He is an egotistical sociopath who is highly intelligent and proficient with technology to the point that he can rival Gods. This is the extreme of technology. The capability of one man and the power of his intellect. We have this man lead entire teams of heroes against friends and foes and his leadership while flawed, has proved to be undoubtedly effective. The man captured Captain America and he led the forces against Ultron, albeit to correct his own mistake.

Both the heroes have feats that are praiseworthy, their heroics are the reason why Marvel Cinematic Universe is able to still exist. Now that we know the leaders we must also determine the players and the battlefield. The battlefield will most likely be Titan and the flux of time. We already know that Avengers 4 will be a time travel movie, so it might be prudent to think that we will see varied locations and varied instances in the history of the Marvel movies where these heroes will face off against the Mad Titan.

It is also imperative to note that the entire premise of the movie will be changed by the arrival of Captain Marvel. Introducing just an overpowered character into the team of Thor and (possibly ) Iron Man just triples the combat strength of the Avengers. Not that it means much against the infinity gems and the infinity gauntlet of nigh unlimited power.

Now, where do we go from here. We have gathered all the evidence from past movies ( over a decade of Marvel movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all ancillary material) and we have witnessed the Carnage that was Infinity War. We have seen what Thanos can do and it seems that there is a good chance that the future of the MCU will rest on the shoulders of our original six Avengers come Avengers 4.

But what if the next Avengers movie is completely different from our lowly expectations. At the moment fans expect Disney to bring back all the characters it killed and to ensure the victory of the Avengers over the mad Titan Thanos. It’s not a wild expectation, not by any stretch. In fact, they are pretty tame expectations since Thanos is known for his rage and his hubris, it might be easier to take him down now that he’s at the end of his plan. We may as well find out in Avengers 4, but today I have an alternate story to present to you.

Let’s open your mind to the possibilities and possibly the plot of Avengers 4. Going by what the directors and the marketing professionals have been saying for a long time it might be possible that all the deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity War were permanent.

 Not only that there is a high possibility that Thanos won and his victory was absolute. Not only that, there’s also the evidence from Agents of Shield season 5 where Phil Coulson and his team land on a future desolate earth.

The idea here is that due to the snap the earth and the universe was sent flying into a timeline where everything ends in chaos. A timeline where the bulk of possible futures turn out to be desolate realities riddled with dystopian eras devoid of hope. The very reason Thanos took up the search of infinity stones was to restore balance to the universe and the fact that his snap did just the opposite is a sweet sense of irony don’t you think.

Will Avengers 4 Have More Death and Destruction Than Infinity War?

It’s complete conjecture at this point, but the possibility of a desolate timeline remains strong, since there is a chance of time travel Avengers 4 we might see things get very dark before a hopeful future is presented to us.

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