Solo: A Star Wars Story Corrected One of The Biggest Star Wars Plot Holes

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been out for 2 weeks now and Disney’s hopes with this movie are now surely dead! The budget they actually spent upon this movie is not panning out at all as it is not going as big as the other Star Wars movies have performed. The timing of this movie has been one of the reasons why the movie has underperformed, and the second big reason behind the bad performance of this movie is what happened behind the scenes with the film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were the ones who helmed this project at first, but their vision was risky and did not match Disney’s expectations, which is why they were let go and in their place, Ron Howard was brought to finish the project. They had to complete extensive reshoots in a very tight schedule. We have to admit that it was an average movie overall, and it was much weaker than all the new Star Wars movies that have come out in the last 3 years.

The opening Box office of the movie suffered as all the people could not go and see the movie because of its timing. Avengers: Infinity War took over the Box office for the entire month, and then Deadpool 2 also brought in quite a significant audience. Therefore, Solo’s box office felt a great impact because of the competition it faced from these two movies. In the first weekend, Solo only managed to bring $84 Million.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Disney hoped that the box office will not deplete a lot in the second weekend because now more people will have saved money to watch the movie, and the ones who could not watch the movie in the first week may now show up in the second one. But as it turned out, the second week was also majorly disappointing for Disney as there wsa a steep drop, and Solo only managed to bring in $34 Million.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

We have to say that Solo has pulled off a Justice League here. It is moving on a similar path that Justice League went on with the bad press behind the scenes and the box office expectations of the movie, and Solo may also find it difficult to break a profit for Disney. If you look at it in a different way, Solo is having a good Box Office run, but it is not up to the regular Star Wars standards, and that is where the disappointment lies.

Still, it was a fun one-time entertainment. It showed us many things that we wanted to see from Han Solo’s past, and it also showed the things we may not have wanted to see or may have been satisfied not knowing much in detail about it. For example, we got to know the history behind the Golden Dices of Han Solo even though people would have been okay, not knowing about it. The second and the biggest example for this is the origin of Han Solo’s name. People thought that his real name was Han Solo, but as it turned out, the ‘Solo’ was given to him and then it kinda stuck around!

There were some good things about the movie as well. We knew that Solo won the Millennium Falcon in a gamble, and we got to see how that happened, so that was fun. Also, the ending reveal about Darth Maul was stunning and it opened up another opportunity for the franchise to continue. But the biggest achievement for this movie is that a big Star Wars plot hole was solved in the film.

One of the very famous lines from Star Wars: A New Hope came from Han, when he brags that the Millennium Falcon “made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.” This caused all the nerds in the world talking, saying that a parsec is actually a measurement of distance instead of a measurement of time.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Well, in the movie we saw that Han actually took his ship to Kessel via a shortcut which was actually much more dangerous and managed to correct the error. A Reddit User explained how the Plot Hole was solved in Solo:

“The maelstrom is obviously a set distance, for simplicity let’s say it was 20 parsecs long. By going into the maelstrom and off the set path, Han was effectively going off-road to take a shortcut, cutting the distance down to 12 parsecs.        

It would be like if your friend lives 20 miles away down curvy roads, but you said “screw it” and just drove in a straight line through the woods. You’d show up and say, “I just made the run to your house in less than 12 miles.

Also, I love when Chewy points out it was over 12 parsecs but Han rounds down, then by the Original Trilogy he’s exaggerating it down to less than 12.”

Even though the movie is not as great as the other Star Wars movies, it still deserves a watch. Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently playing in the theatres.

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