Infinity War – Will Loki Return in Avengers 4?

Loki is one of the most manipulative, clever and foxiest comic-book characters in the entire Marvel universe. There is a reason why he is known as “God of Mischief”. We all saw him die in the Avengers: Infinity War. But nothing looks permanent! So, will Loki return in Avengers 4?

He is the brother of Thor aka the God of Thunder but every time he betrayed him right from ordering ‘The Destroyer’ to kill him to fake his own death only to be ruling Asgard later by impersonating King Odin. He invaded the Earth with powerful chitauri army at the behest of Thanos but lost the battle to ‘The Avengers’ in the end.

Will Loki Return in Avengers 4?
Will Loki Return in Avengers 4?

His sins are limitless and there is no room for forgiveness but then he joined the good guys. He helped Thor take down Goddess of Death ‘Hela’ during the events of Thor: Ragnarok. When the prophecy of Ragnarok came true, Team Thor aka ‘Revengers’ rescued remaining Asgardians and all of them left Asgard. Thor believed that Space Stone aka Tesseract got destroyed as Asgard turned into ruin but it was taken by Loki when he went inside to release Surtur, The Asgardian Doom.

Thor’s Refugee ship was blocked by gigantic Sanctuary II boarded by Thanos and his Black Order. He killed Heimdall in cold blood, beat the hell out of Hulk and then used Infinity Stone on Loki as he tried to outmaneuver Mad Titan but he ran out of all tricks and died in front of his brother Thor. Subsequently, Thanos said that this time there will be no resurrections.

Will Loki Return in Avengers 4?
Will Loki Return in Avengers 4?

The ardent fans of Loki still believe that he is alive and will return in Avengers 4. Well, sorry to disappoint them, but that ain’t happening. But that is not to say that we won’t see Loki in Avengers 4. The set photos of the movie have been released on the internet and we can clearly see Loki is in it. It’s either going to be a flashback sequence or another possibility is time-travel which will be used as a plot device in Avengers 4. Don’t expect him to be alive as he died before the snap.         

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