Here’s The Reason Why DC Is Doing Back To Back Joker Movies

WB currently has so many DC Comics projects in development that by now, even they would have lost count of the movies. We still have to give them credit as these under development projects have quite the range and almost half of them will be centered upon the villains. And out of those movies involving the villains, 4 movies will actually portray the crime prince of Gotham, the Joker.

Right now the upcoming DC movie slate is not as clear as it was a while ago, because there are going to be a lot of changes in the plans from now on. Currently, we only have confirmation for Aquaman, which is set to come out on December 21, 2018, Wonder Woman 2, coming out on November 1, 2019, Shazam!, coming out on April 5, 2019, Suicide Squad 2, in 2020 along with Flashpoint. Rest all the movies that are currently “under development” are The Batman, Man of Steel 2, Black Adam, Deathstroke, Joker vs. Harley Quinn, Joker Origins, Joker Spin-off, Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern Corps and Cyborg but none of them have any sort of release dates confirmed just yet.

So if we focus here, we have Suicide Squad 2 which will bring back Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker. WB recently announced a Joker solo movie with Jared Leto, so that’s 2. A Joker vs. Harley movie has been in development since the last year, so 3. One of the movies that was put under development by WB was the Joker origin movie which will be set up in the 80s and star a different actor other than Jared Leto. There has been a lot of speculations for who will star as the Crime Prince of Gotham, but Joaquin Phoenix is the attest update to be in talks for this movie, so that is number 4.

We don’t know the direction of The Batman which is under Matt Reeves, but if he also decides to put the Joker in somewhere, we will be seeing the Joker for the 5th time in DCEU and 8th time since Tim Burton’s Batman. Mr J is one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most popular DC Comics villain ever, and thanks to the likes of Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger, he has also been among the top 3 best comic book villains on screen.

Jack Nicholson gave us a pretty great Joker, which was topped by the legendary performance of Heath Ledger. Honestly, there is nothing that can beat Ledger’s act as this crazy bad guy, but Jared Leto was expected to give a little competition to Ledger and his hiring as the Joker created quite the buzz among the audiences as they actually put their faith in him.

For a whole year, looking at the set photos and hearing about Leto’s method acting people were pretty excited about him but as it turned out, the fans were divided into two halves as one faction totally hated Leto’s performance while the other still wants to see him continue as we have seen so little of him and because most of the things that Leto shot as the Joker was edited from the film, we cannot actually judge him based on the screen time he eventually got on screen.

Leto revealed that he shot enough material that was worth a solo Joker movie and because Suicide Squad’s entire third act was changed, the Joker got edited. But Let’s future as the Joker is bright, and even the no DCEU solo Joker movie seems to have caught the eye of the fans because he is such a marketable character for DC.

People already love what Heath Ledger did with the character. It is obvious that WB wants to tap that and give us as much Joker they can because people will go and see it if it is done right. They want to recreate the Ledger magic which could happen in a very near future. Also, there are two solo Joker movies in plans because a Joker movie would cost WB very less and they can easily put a great story on screen. There would not be a whole lot of CGI involved in the movie as it could be dark and gritty, and be based mostly on acting and practical action sequences. WB could produce a great movie by putting in just $40-$80 Million and the profits from that could be huge!

DC joker Movies

We are in for all these projects and we hope that WB gets their game straight and actually starts producing these movies a little faster so that the movies in the development stage could actually see the light of the day and the fans could enjoy them.

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