Infinity War: Complete List of Scenes From The Trailer Missing In The Movie!!!

The trailers created a storm. The movie itself was a thunderstorm. Infinity War is every comic book fan’s wet dream come true. 10 years of hard work did not disappoint at all. Thanos could be considered Marvel’s greatest on-screen villain yet. The heroes were just as good this time as well. The action, the drama, the suspense and the humor was top notch. Marvel outdid itself this time. Russos pulled off a cinematic marvel (pun intended).

But the movie was a conundrum of sorts. Apart from the usual plot holes, the MCU is infamous for, there were several scenes in the trailers that were missing in the theatrical run of the movie. It did not stab us in the back like Iron Man 3 promising the cult villain ‘Mandarin’ and then gave us an imposter who was playing the ‘role’ of it, but still, trailers were misleading to an extent.

Presenting Infinity War’s complete List of scenes from the trailer missing in the movie!!!

Thor’s Milano Pod Scene

The Milano Pod scene where Thor is looking at outer space from the spaceship’s windows is missing in the movie. This got us thinking that maybe after enduring so much pain and loss, Thor will come back on his feet and strategizing possibly with Guardians of the Galaxy to take down Thanos. But it did’nt go like that. A snippet of it can still be seen.

Bruce Banner-Hulkbuster hand scene

In the beginning, after Hulk got a royal beatdown from Thanos, he got so traumatized that he refused to come out in the entire movie. Team Cap, Black Panther, and Dora Milaje were engaged in a battle to protect Vision from Black Order. Banner couldn’t be of help as the other guy has issues, so he was shown fighting the alien army in the Hulkbuster armor. But the scene featuring Bruce Banner working on the Hulkbuster’s systems and subroutines, trying to prep it for the upcoming fight was also missing in the movie itself.

Tony’s Sunglasses scene

Tony takes off his sunglasses to look at the threat in front of him as Wong, Banner and Doctor Strange are seen in the background. The one in the movie looks a bit different. In the trailer, it felt more classy and stylish whereas in the theatrical cut, the scene was pretty ordinary.

Loki-Tesseract scene

While Loki did die, one of his greatest scenes in the trailer that was much talked about is missing. Loki hands over the Tesseract to Thanos in the trailer but this scene never made it to the movie.

The “Give this man a shield” scene

The one we see in the trailer features T’Challa at a side view delivering the dialogue. In the movie, T’Challa is never shown while saying that. The camera focuses on Cap instead.

The Hulkbuster landing scene

The Hulkbuster is piloted by Bruce in the movie. The one scene where the armored exoskeleton lands like a boss on the fields of Wakanda is missing in the movie.

Thanos’ Gauntlet shot on Titan

Thanos flaunting his Gauntlet, then powered by the Power and Space Stones in the trailer, was missing in the movie. The previous shot did make it to the theaters. This was a clever marketing strategy.

Cap leading the heroes into the battle scene

Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, Black Panther, Falcon, Bucky and War Machine charging into the battlefield in this scene. It never made it to the big screens. This was the money shot of the official trailer and Marvel did a great disservice by excluding this, also lying to fans about Hulk being in Battle of Wakanda.

Guardians’ First Look at Thor

The one we see in the movie is a tad bit different. Star-Lord is seen pointing his gun at the Odinson as the rest of the guardians are in different poses than what was seen in the trailers.

The one with Bruce, Black Widow, and War Machine

This scene was also not in the movie. Another shot of Bucky and Falcon together was also changed when being added to the theatrical cut.

Cap and T’Challa handshake

The handshake between the First Avenger and the King of Wakanda was also missing. It was a very important and iconic scene which Marvel decided to slice off from the movie.

Your Plan Sucks scene

Starlord’s’ Your Plan Sucks’ scene did make it to to the theaters but it was very different. In the movie version, this scene is shot at another angle and is immediately succeeded by Spiderman referencing footloose.

Cap and Black Panther on the Wakandan Troop Transporter

Another Cap and T’Challa scene, the one where they could be seen leading the troops to battle in a war-ready troop transporter was also not there in the movie.

Thor using Stormbreaker for the first time

Why didn’t this awesome shot make it to the movie, we will never know. Thor uses his new weapon for the first time as Groot and Rocket look in awe. Maybe this will be added in the DVD release of the movie. But it would have been epic to watch this particular scene in the theatrical cut.

Thanos torturing Thor

When Thanos gets hold of Thor, he tortures him to make Loki reveal the Space Stone. What the movie showed instead was Thanos using the Space Stone to almost kill Thor before Loki backed down.

Only two Infinity Stones

When Cap gets hold of Thanos’ left hand in the trailers, the Gauntlet is seen holding just the Power and Space Stones. This was obviously a misdirection tactic which worked splendidly. But Marvel should avoid indulging too much in clever tricks and be more forthright in their approach.

Oh, we are using made up names?!?!?

This particular Spiderman scene is a bit altered in the movie version. Here Spiderman only says “I am Spiderman, then.”

Spider-Man in action on Titan

The trailer scene is nothing compared to the one in the movie. Spiderman’s new Iron Spider suit goes into overdrive as Spiderman grabs hold of the Guardians as they float into space when Thanos uses the Space Stone. Well, in this particular instance, what we got was much better than teased in trailers.

The Tony, Peter and Strange scene

The scenes between Tony, Peter, and Strange were incredibly awesome. This particular scene though was missing in the theaters. The whole three-way conversation between the heroes slashed to get to the big battle.

The Thor, Groot, and Rocket scene in the Milano Drop-ship

This scene is a bit different than the one shown in the movie. Thor does not have an eye patch in the movie, which has been replaced with a bionic eye. The shot is also zoomed in to show only Thor. This look better than the one shown in the movie.

Thor’s “Are you Ready” shot

Thor is again shown sporting an eye patch here. This particular scene couldn’t be shown in full detail as it would have spoiled the story too much. In the movie, while Thor is on a quest to seek the ultimate Asgardian weapon at Nidavellir, Rocket gave him a spare eye.

Cap with his new shield scene

Cap’s role in the Infinity War was kept to a minimum as a lot of his amazing scenes didn’t make it to the final cut. This particular scene also did not make it to the Big Screens. Captain America using a shield after such a long time would have been a great fanboy moment. The movie cut decided to skip it.

Despite the significant amount of editing, the movie is a phenomenon and is currently playing in theaters. It is directed by Russo brothers, produced by Kevin Feige & Co. The script is written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The official movie synopsis reads:

“As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment – the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain”.

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