The Flash Season 5 Villain Has Been Revealed And It’s an Immortal Metahuman

The Flash Season 4 came up with a lot of promise after Season 3 fell way short of fans’ expectations, but it couldn’t do what Arrow season 5 did to the TV series. It couldn’t redeem itself of the sins committed in season 3 but surely it was a good effort. If there is one thing that ‘The Flash’ needed to bring huge DC audience back to its fold was a game changer, and the makers introduced one in the form of first non-speedster villain aka ‘The Thinker’. This was totally unprecedented in the history of the show. 

From season 1 to 3, all the villains were an evil speedster with a sinister agenda to accomplish their nefarious plans. In season 1, it was Prof. Wells aka Reverse Flash whose only goal is to kill Flash without eliminating himself from the timeline. But as it turned out his ancestor Eddie Thawne (Iris West’s boyfriend and Joe West partner) sacrificed himself in order to eliminate Eobard Thawne.

In season 2, Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom was the big villain who wanted to destroy the entire multi-verse; but Team Flash came through.

In season 3, the speed God Savitar was the villain who wanted to exact revenge against Barry Allen’s Flash for abandoning him in the future. As it turned out, he was one of the time remnants of Flash who came back.

This time the villain was perhaps most terrifying as Speedsters have specific weaknesses that Team Flash tapped, but ‘The Thinker’ was the smartest man alive. He was always 10 steps ahead of his enemies. His goal was to cleanse the humanity of any intelligence and drive them towards enlightenment. In the end, his own wife turned on him and helped Team Flash to thwart his diabolical scheme.

It may not have been the best of what it has had to offer. But the finale more than made up for it. Clifford Devoe aka the Thinker has cemented his place as one of the greatest villains The CW’s The Flash has ever faced on screen in the shared TV Superhero universe. Until the very end, there was a feeling that he might actually succeed in his mission. It was truly an epic Cliffhanger situation.

The finale did leave the fans releasing for more and Flash Season 5 will pick it up where it left us, trying to mend things after Season 4’s aftermath.  And before we start guessing as to how insane the next Arrowverse season would be, we have some interesting piece of news to share with you.

The Next Flash Villain that will be the big bad wolf of Season 5 has been finally revealed. Want to know just who might he be? Presenting Arrowverse update – The Flash Season 5 Villain has been revealed and he is AWESOME!!!!

SPOILER ALERT: The Flash Season 4 finale Spoilers up ahead. Enter at your own risk……

A breakdown of the cast members for the future season 5 of The Flash has revealed us something far more interesting than we had ever imagined. The Flash and his team have only managed to defeat the Thinker and trump his mind games when another trouble quite literally comes knocking at Team Flash’s door. The person who is knocking at their door is none other than the mystery girl who kept showing up in random scenes in The Flash Season 4.

The girl made her first appearance in the ‘Crisis on Earth X’ crossover and she hasn’t stopped popping up in The Flash ever since. She first appeared at Barry-Iris wedding function and specifically told Allen not to forget his vows. Then she was seen at Cjitters when Cisco and Dibny were hanging out and then she was spotted again around Joe West and Caitlin.  

There was a speculation about the identity of Mystery Girl, some people believed that she is the speedster that Flash of Earth-3 i.e Jay Garrick (Henry Allen dopple-ganger) is training as he is too old to fight crime and meta-humans; while others guesses ranged from Dawn Allen to Nora Allen to Carrie Allen to Sela Allen. That mystery girl has revealed herself to be – Nora Allen, the future daughter of Barry and Iris West Allen.

Nora Allen has traveled back to the past to change the timeline. Barry Allen’s Number One rule about his speedster powers is to never try and change time again. That was a lesson learned the hard way after the whole Flashpoint fiasco. So why is Nora, another Speedster and Barry’s own daughter, breaking her Dad’s Golden rule?

It is because Nora has decided to travel back in time to fix a huge mistake she has committed in the future, a mistake so big that she just had to break her own rules, a mistake that is probably the reason the Big Bad of Season 5 exists in the first place.

In a casting breakdown for the show by THS, the several cast members for the next season of The Flash were revealed to the general public. One of the characters that will be joining The Flash Season 5 is ‘Desmond Paull’. Desmond Paull is a partially immortal metahuman whose powers allow him to negate the powers of other metahumans and he intends to rid them of Central City forever.

But pay a bit more attention and you will realize ‘Desmond’ is just a front name. The characters’ intentions look vividly similar to another comic book supervillain that has been one of the Crown Jewels of the Flash’s Rogues’ Gallery – Cicada.

Cicada is a villain that was introduced to the DC Comics in 2001, created by none other than Geoff Johns. Cicada was originally a broken man that intended to end his life by a lightning strike. The Lightning surge through his body eventually gave him superpowers and Cicada started a cult around himself, attracting scores of followers to do his bidding.

His followers are brainwashed into killing every single person that Flash has ever saved by risking his life. Since he was not given abilities by the Season 1 Particle accelerator explosion, it stands to reason to believe that he decided to show up only now. This guy is fed up of the metahumans terrorizing this city and he has had enough of their shenanigans. It is time to end this.

Looks like he is one hell of a villain. The Flash will have his hands full in the next season. It would be very different kind of challenge for Team Flash as he is neither a speedster nor was he exposed to dark matter during the particle accelerator explosion. And he is not alone as he commands a massive army of cult followers who are ready to do anything for him. How will Flash and his allies be able to fight such an enemy? We will soon find out.

Flash Season 5 Villain

The original season 4 finale initially had a credits column that might be helpful in deducing the show’s next season’s Super Villain. Here’s what executive producer Todd Helbing had to say: 

“What happens more often than not is, we shoot a lot of stuff in the finale that gets cut. So for time we had to cut it. It was gonna be the tag at the end of the episode. But we’ll get it out; the public will see it before the season starts. Maybe we’ll release it online or at Comic-Con. But yeah, it just it came down to a time thing”.

Well, if you still have’nt seen the finale titled “We Are the Flash”, watch it right now. Here is the official synopsis of Episode 23 of CW’s ‘The Flash’: 

SEASON FINALE — Team Flash gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe (Neil Sandilands). David McWhirter directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace (#423). Original airdate 5/22/2018.

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