20 Female Characters of Naruto – Ranked From Most To Least Hottest!!!

The world of Naruto is rich in action, culture, story, emotions and most of all HOT WOMEN!!! There is seldom an episode that goes by without the anime showing its feminine assets for the whole world to see and breathe in. The anime has so many hot characters that it would be wrong for you not to know if you are an anime lover. Presenting 20 Female characters of Naruto – Ranked from Most to least hottest….


Yugao Uzuki is the ANBU commander of the Hidden Leaf Village. She is not as good looking as the rest but she more than makes up for her lack of beauty with superior athletic skills and a hot body.


Shizune is the classic case that all anime are rife with – presenting a woman that is well….not as well endowed as her peers or even her juniors. Shizune has a cute face though and she has a sweet personality.


Juu is a Jinchuriki from the Hidden Waterfall Village. She was killed by Nagato in order to help him awaken the Ten Tails and destroy the world. Fuu, as a character, screams loli but she is extremely hot and has an exotic look.


A foul-mouthed woman is always hot. Tayuya may have a smaller stature compared to the rest of the women on this list, but what she does have is a fiery personality and a mouth as sharp as razor. That is a turn on for many.


Guren is the wielder of the Kekkei Genkai called the Crystal Style. Apart from the fact that she managed to hold her own against an entire team of well-trained ninjas, she has a pretty beautiful face.


Sakura should have been at the bottom of this list. She isn’t. The fact that her look was completely changed in Boruto and the way the artists went out of their way to make her look hotter means she derives this spot.


Pakura was summoned by the Impure World Reincarnation technique to fight for the Akatsuki in the Fourth Shinobi World War. She is a well accomplished and might I say well endowed, kunoichi from the Hidden Sand.


Karin may be an annoying bitch and she has been consistently voted as one of the most annoying anime characters ever but she is a beautiful, annoying bitch. And the fact that she has shown her undying love fur Sasauke makes her even hotter.


Hana Inuzuka is a member of the Inuzuka Cklan of the Hidden Village. The clan owes their fighting style to the canines that they fight along with. Hana is a bit of a beast and has the face of an angel – a beautiful combo.


She had to make this list. Konan is the most underrated characters in anime history and we wish at least the manga gave her a little more credit. Konan is a bit shy as well as a full freak. If that doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.


The Princess of the Hidden Sand is a feisty woman with her eyes on the prize. Temari has always been confident and never tries to sugarcoat the way she talks or dresses.


Mabui is like the hot office woman everyone has had a crush on but never had a chance to say it to her. Mabui’s exotic look and her ties to the Hidden cloud village make her even more appealing.


Hinata is the quintessential anime shy girl that has a crush on the anime main character. She finally cracks open out of her shelf and the resulting butterfly she has become now is something we envy Naruto for.


Kurenai Yuhi is the Genjutsu Princess of Leaf Village and she is one of the world’s foremost experts on Illusion Manipulation techniques. Kurenai has charcoal Black Hair and a pair of blood red eyes that are just deadly beautiful to look at.


Shizuka is the leader of the Nadeshiko Village. She is the very definition of a sweet knife. Shizuka once came after Naruto with the intention of defeating him and marrying him. Why doesn’t she come after me? I am all hers!!!


Mei Terumi is the redhead cougar of the anime world that everyone wants to sleep with. Her looks have only become prettier with her age. She is the human equivalent of wine.


Samui is a woman that is cold, calculating and with a big pair of….well, you know. We are going to just let her picture here help you decide.


Oh, Tsunade sama…why won’t you punish me!!! I have been a bad, bad boy. That is the line every guy who ever looks at the ravishing Hokage of Konoha would say once he meets her.


Ino is not just a Kunoichi. She is THE Kunoichi. Her azure blue eyes along with the extremely seductive way her hair falls over her face and the fact that she is blonde just adds up to make her a perfect match.


Oh come on, was there even a sliver of doubt amongst you that Anko would not be in this list. Granted she has put up weight now in Boruto but the Anko Mitarashi of the Naruto series we all know and love is a sexy, sexy devil.

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