Here Are All The CW Shows Returning For The New Seasons

The CW Network has been running a formula of producing new shows, making the audiences really like them, and renewing them for their next seasons every year. The CW Shows don’t seem to come to an end as the people want more of them, and CW is happy to serve the fan demand. They currently have more than 10 CW shows running on their network and Supernatural is their oldest running shows as it has aired for the last 13 years giving us 13 seasons of sheer awesomeness. The Arrowverse is also 6 years old and is in its 7th year as the 6th Season of Arrow will also be ending in May.

Legends of Tomorrow firestorm

The CW will already start to air the season finales from the next week itself as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will end on April 9, 2018. And as soon as the show ends, Supergirl will return and it will air till its finale comes out on June 18. The show has been on break for as long as I can remember so I won’t even try to predict as to what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

After the Legends end their season, Black Lightning will also end its first season on April 17. This particular show has been a huge hit in the particular demographic i.e young African Americans and has attracted decent TRP’s enough to get another season. In the end, hopefully, the menace of ‘The 100’ will be put to an end by Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning in Freeland.

Then a non-DC superhero show, Jane the Virgin will wrap up on April 20. After that, the leftover shows will conclude in May. Riverdale Season 2 will be finished on May 16 and will return later this year. A lot of relationship drama is brewing between key characters such as Veronica and Archie; the Lodge’s new plan for Southside and special elections for Mayor looming over the town of Riverdale. Let’s see how these storylines will be resolved.

After that comes the conclusion of Arrow Season 6 on May 17. This particular season is not as epic as season 1, 2 or 5 but is certainly better than 3 & 4. In season 5, the show went back to its roots where the villain does not have supernatural powers and story is grounded in reality, and season 6 continued with that narrative. Along with Arrow, Supernatural will also end this season’s run on May 17 itself. Then, Dynasty will air its season finale on May 18. After that, The Flash season 4 will wrap up the deeds of The Thinker on May 22. And finally, iZombie will conclude on May 28, 2018.

Now, The CW has ordered the next seasons of these shows as all 4 Arrowverse shows, The Legends, The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl will be getting a new season, and along with them, Black Lightning will also be returning for a second season.  So, Arrow will begin its 7th season this fall, The Flash will have its 5th Season, and Legends & Supergirl, both will be entering their 4th seasons. Also, CW has ordered a 3rd season for Riverdale, and all 6 these shows are produced or co-created by Greg Berlanti.

cw shows

Along with these shows, Supernatural will be getting a Season 14 this year and the Dynasty TV Reboot will also be getting a second season. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin are also returning for what will apparently be their final seasons which are their 4th and 5th Seasons respectively. The lesser watched shows on the CW network which are, YA dystopian novel-based The 100, the zombie comic book adaptation iZombie, Life Sentence and Valor do not have the odds in their favor and at least one of them may return for the next season but the other three may be axed.

Let’s see how things go with the other shows, but for now, we should be happy that all the Superhero shows are returning, and even though some of the Arrowverse shows have had their ratings dropped this season, they still have a chance to surprise us again with new and original content. Hopefully, things will be really great this year and we get to see great new villains and heroes in the coming new seasons.

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