Tom Holland Literally Found A God To Help Him Prepare For Spiderman

Tom Holland made an impressive debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the superhero Spiderman. His entrance was a history breaking one, as Spiderman was the first character that saw two major studios team up for a joint venture [something unheard of in Hollywood].

Apart from that, Holland’s youthful portrayal of Peter Parker/Spiderman was positively accepted by Marvel fans.

It would now be unfathomable to picture any other actor to take on the role, but there was once a time when even Holland was unsure.


The actor recently revealed that Chris Hemsworth was partly responsible for nabbing his role of a lifetime. Holland told Yahoo! Movies that he asked Hemsworth to put in a good word for him with the people at Marvel. Hemsworth does this, but not before he fools the actor with a small joke. Hemsworth is known to have a bit of a sense of humor. Holland told the site:

“He did actually, he did. I sent him an email while auditioning saying sort of like, ‘Hey Chris. So, I’m auditioning for Spider-Man. Can you let them know that I’m amazing or something?’ And he replied like, ‘Hey mate. I’ll let them know you never learn your lines and you are late all the time and you’re terrible at your job.’”


Holland and Hemsworth had previously worked with each other in Ron Howard’s 2015 adventure/drama, In the Heart of the Sea. Hemsworth had already enjoyed a successful MCU career having appeared in two Thor solo films and two Avengers films. Holland campaign ended in success as he was cast as Spider-Man. As for the meeting between Thor and Spider-Man, we will have to wait a bit. Since both characters are lined up to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, fans will finally see if the chemistry from their previous film still sparked something.

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