Marvel Comics’ New Miles Morales Acquires Terrifying Spiderman Power

One cool thing about Spiderman is that it is always Peter Parker. This guy is always the one behind the red mask in the spiderman costume. The Wall Crawler’s secret identity is as famous as the wall-crawler himself. But all is not as it seems in spidey town. Spiderman is not just Peter Parker anymore. The only consistent thing in the web-slinger diaries has been changed dramatically. Ther mantle of the Spiderman now belongs to two people – One being Peter Parker and the other being Miles Morales aka the new Spiderman.

Miles Morales is not the same spiderman as Peter Parker. His powers are different from the original Spidey. Apart from the classic spidey sense and the wall-crawling and superhuman attributes, miles also has an optical camouflage option and a venom blast from his wrists. He is an all-new Spiderman. And he just got another power to add to his already expanding list of significant abilities.


Spoiler Alert: The following article contains spoilers big enough to spoil your mood to read Spiderman #325 on sale now. Enter at your own risk…

This week’s issue sees Miles trying to stop the Sinister Six from trying to capture and sell a decommissioned SHIELD helicarrier. A Quick Recap:

The villain Iron Spider turns out to be Miles Uncle Aaron Davis aka the Prowler of the Ultimate Universe. His death is something Miles blamed on himself but his eventual return to the land of the living is still not answered. Maybe when Molecule Man brought back Mile’s mother back to life he accidentally also resurrected Aaron via some sort of accidental gateway. No one knows for sure how he is alive. Guess we will find out in later issues.

Iron Spider has recruited The Spot, Bombshell, Hob Goblin, the new Electro and Sandman to steal the Helicarrier. After the events of Secret Empire, SHIELD’s disbanded and there is a shitload of precious tech now lying around that the villains want to get their hands on.

Iron Spider aim to capture and sell a Helicarrier but there is a problem. The Dock at which the Helicarrier is located is guarded by the Hulk aka General Robert Maverick of the US Avengers. Flint Marko decides to leave but is ‘convinced’ otherwise by the Iron Spider.


In the meantime, Miles Morales has his own problems to sort out. After a devastating encounter with Hammerhead almost kills him, Miles starts to question his superhero career and whether he really wants to Spiderman anymore. Even a trip to Japan to find his purpose doesn’t bear too many fruits.

Back in America, Miles still doesn’t have a definite answer but he doesn’t have time to. The sometimes Superhero sometimes Supervillain The Armadillo is on a rampage through the city.

As the Armadillo charges towards Miles Morales, he is reminded of his encounter with Hammerhead. The Flashbacks are enough for Miles to hesitate and Flinch back at the Armadillo movies in for the kill. Just as he is about to deal a fatal blow to Spiderman, Miles activates a whole new power to deal with the problem.

Miles does not have access to his suit and Venom Blasts seem ineffective. But in the nick of time, a golden Venom Blast colored web like lasso springs out of his wrists which Miles then uses to grab hold of The Armadillo. He then yanks the beast of a person into a venom blast style uppercut and Knocks him out for good until the authorities arrive.

Miles has already surprised fans plenty of times with abilities no one could have anticipated he possessed. This does beg the question – How far does the extent of Miles Morales’s spiderman abilities really go??


Miles was previously seen as a brash version of Peter Parker who does not like taking responsibility for his Original Counterpart. But after his Mother’s death and taking almost a year off from his superhero career, Miles is back with a responsible take on the Spiderman mantle. He has matured into a likable guy with a strict Moral code and a character that could be as equally lovable as Peter Parker himself. His power is just icing on the cake. It will be interesting to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve.

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