7 Things That ‘Man of Steel’ Should Do in Justice League

Out of all that we have seen for the Justice League till now, Superman has been totally absent from the trailers and everything. We have only seen him in few promo arts and images and that is all. Well, for a good reason, Snyder and co. have been keeping him a secret and we have been promised that we will be really happy with Superman in Justice League. Sups have got mixed reviews until now, especially in Batman v Superman. We all know that Henry Cavill has great potential and is a great Superman, and fans will surely want him to deliver something remarkable in Justice League as soon as he returns to life. Here is what we want to see from Superman in Justice League.

An Epic Entrance

The scene where we finally get to see Superman in action once again in Justice League should really dramatic and epic. He is coming back from the dead and it should really make a difference for the whole team. They will surely need him and he needs to assure them and everyone else that he is the biggest powerhouse of the team. The entrance he makes should really hype all fans.


He is the strongest member of the team and if he does not hold back, he could be really unbeatable. When he returns in Justice League, we need to see a show of his true strength and Steppen wolf and the parademons should feel that they are up against the real protector of Earth and it is far away from their reach.


Superman was pretty low on confidence since a lot of people did not really believe in the ideal Superman. They all knew that earth needs a watchful protector, but because of the nefarious plans and schemes of Lex Luthor, people have quite turned away into believing that he is there to do whatever he pleases. Their eyes did open when he died at the end, and now he is returning from the dead so we all need to see him shine bright and be confident about himself as the people of earth will be backing him.

Inspire the Justice League

 Justice league should have the same inspiration that Batman got from Superman in Batman v Superman. Superman just did not save people, he made them see the best part of themselves and he will surely do the same with the league. That inspiration will surely be needed by the likes of The Flash and Cyborg as they are pretty young teenagers and would be afraid despite being so powerful. So, if they are given a proper inspiration and motivation, the league will be more united than ever.

Embrace the Superman

It would be excellent to see him embrace the hero he is in Justice League. It’s time for him to finally embrace the ideology of Man of Steel. While he’s saved quite a lot of people on screen, Henry Cavill’s Superman has never really seemed to enjoy doing so. His expressions during those moments of saving people were of hesitance. He needs to let go of his inhibitions and become the Superman.


What’s the ‘S’ stand for?? “It’s not an ‘S’, on my planet, it means ‘Hope’.” Superman has always been a cultural symbol of hope. He is the representation of all that is good with the world. His sacrifice in Batman v Superman is a reflection of that, but for a lot of fans, his attitude in the films has yet to really reflect the hope-filled hero that we all know and love. We need to see a proper presentation of love and Hope that he has been the mascot of since Man of Steel.

An Epic Battle against Steppenwolf

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It looks like the League will really need Superman and will be pinned down against Steppenwolf and the rest of the Parademon army. Rightly said by Batman that the league itself is ‘not enough’ for the battle against Steppenwolf. Superman after his return should really deliver a great battle against Steppenwolf as the league might be a little weak against him even though they have powerhouses like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Steppenwolf should get some smashing and heavy hitting from the strongest member of the Justice League.  

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