Vibranium Vs Adamantium: Which Is The Strongest Metal On Earth?

Vibranium Vs Adamantium: Which is better?

Within the Marvel comics, Adamantium and Vibranium are the two rarest and most overpowered metals found on planet Earth. Both these metals are strong enough to take any opponent down. Vibranium as shown in Black Panther, powers the nation of Wakanda and Adamantium is the stuff that coats Wolverine’s bones. But, which among the two is the better choice. Let us analyze both these metals and find out.


Vibranium, as we know, is the heart and soul of the nation Wakanda. But what most of us don’t know is, that this rare metal comes in two different forms, Wakandan Vibranium and Antarctic Vibranium. Wakandan Vibranium landed on Planet Earth thousands of years ago. It landed in an area of Africa, which was turned into the little nation of Wakanda.

The Wakandan Vibranium is practically unbreakable as it absorbs all the vibrations and Kinetic energy projected towards it. The reason why it absorbs vibrations is that the molecules of this metal are at a distance from each other, so they are able to take in a certain hit. So it does not break with any amount of force a human, and even a Superhuman can possibly hit it with. Even the likes of Mjolnir cannot rip it apart.

It was known to be used in two of the most iconic things in the Marvel comics, Captain America’s Shield and Black Panther’s suit. But as we all know, it is, in fact, destructible and we have seen Captain America’s Shield been shattered into pieces multiple times in the comics.

The second type of Vibranium, the Antarctic Vibranium is commonly known as Anti-Metal. It is totally opposite of what the Wakandan Vibranium is. While Wakandan Vibranium absorbs vibrations and Kinetic Energy, the Antarctic Vibranium totally repels it. It even breaks apart the molecules of other Metals and liquefies them when they are used against this.


The metal that is actually indestructible in the Marvel comics is Adamantium. It is a man-made substance created by fusing together a very specific combination of chemical resits. The ratio at which different chemicals are to be mixed and form Adamantium is in fact still kept a big secret by the government. It is indestructible which is why it is kept in a hot liquid form as when it cools down, it turns into the unbreakable metal as we know it. The reason why it cannot be broken and is so strong is that the molecules of this metal are so closely bonded together, that they are way too resistant to come apart.

This metal was initially created by Doctor Myron McClain and a team of researchers, who upon refining the substance has the entire team of Avengers unleash their powers on it, just to prove that the metal is indestructible. The US government then started to use this metal in various experiments, and the Weapon X program is one of those. In this program, a mutant named James Howlett was placed under water, and the liquid Vibranium was infused within his entire skeleton and his bones were then coated by Adamantium, turning him into the complete Wolverine we know and love today.

Vibranium Vs Adamantium

So when it comes to determining which metal is better, well there are two answers to this question. The Wakandan Vibranium absorbs force, it is not of much use against Adamantium, as Adamantium has been known to cut through Wakandan Vibranium easily, with the right amount of force applied. This is why, Wolverine would be the ultimate individual to chose when it comes to a fight against Captain America, as his Adamantium claws will be able to cut through Vibranium, and Cap doesn’t even heal as fast as Wolverine does, so Wolverine is going to win.

The anti-metal, on the other hand, has been shown to work against Adamantium, as it could even liquefy the metal. Black Panther has been known to use the Claws made up of Anti-Metal in the comics, so he could do some serious damage against the likes of Wolverine. So, the final verdict would say that Adamantium would be better against Wakandan Vibranium, and Antarctic Vibranium would be better against Adamantium.

When you are strutting in the wild the only protection you have is your equipment and your senses. Wolverine has never, arguably, used another weapon other than his own two hands and the claws given to him by his mutation. Black Panther, on the other hand, the might of Wakanda behind him. Wakandans are the most advanced in terms of technology than anybody else in the Marvel multiverse version. Panther has the interest to match it and the money to support it. The king can create technology on the fly that had the capability to even render the “power cosmic” useless. These fighters are formidable as pure hand to hand combatants but they become increasingly more deadly when we introduce their arsenal into the mix.

Hence, another way to find out which metal is the strongest is the death battle between Black Panther and Wolverine.

Before we begin this match of death, let’s establish what determines a win. Of course, if either character dies, the killer wins. However, how does one kill Wolverine in a chance encounter? T’Challa is a master tactician, given enough time he can come up with numerous ways to put Logan down. But the fact is that all of these ways are at the moment out of T’Challa’s grasp. Save for his energy daggers (they cut through Adamantium) and his retractable anti-metal claws. So for T’Challa, it will be a win if he can permanently incapacitate Wolverine considering Logan has regenerated from a single cell before.

The battle starts as a blood-lusted half-crazy Wolverine encounters Black Panther in rainforest area. The heavy jungle looms in the background as Wolverine gazes at T’Challa, frothing at the lips. You see, Logan has just ended the entirety of X-men in a fit of mind control. He is raged and murder crazed. No longer under the influence of whatever villain had made him do this, he encounters T’Challa in a forest.

The X-Men had come here for reconciliation. It was a standardized mission. The kids were to be treated to field experience so that they could take over Logan’s role someday. But something obliterated half their forces and the other half wolverine killed himself. He realizes that now, and right now nothing matters. He only seeks death, he has lost the purpose that he had lived for, for so long. T’Challa will die.

BLACK PANTHER gauges the situation and leaps out of reach just as Wolverine lunges for his position. The king senses the killing intent in Wolverine’s movements and then decides he’d rather stay away from them. The king knows that the only thing he can possibly do to avoid certain death is to fight Wolverine head on and without holding back. The fighters leap and Wolverine goes for the seams of the Vibranium mesh.

Panther’s suit’s one weakness. What can T’Challa do? He gets ready with the energy daggers and wolverine moves like a shade. Disappearing the midst of the jungle. The predators circle each other as none can determine where the other is. When suddenly Wolverine lands on Panther’s black and starts tearing at the suit with those Vibranium claws. Panther moves painfully slow as wolverine jumps away just as the energy daggers come for him.

A torn suit and a wounded pride, Panther looks at Wolverine with disgust. He will put this broken man out of his misery. The king sheathes the daggers and unveils his anti-metal claws. Ready for the kill, both combatants leap at each other. The wolf and the panther clash. Like animals in the wild, they match each other blow for blow. Panther using his half torn Vibranium suit to deal with Adamantium claw stabs and Wolverine healing through Panther’s cuts.

The battle reaches blinding speeds as neither party is ready to give any quarter. But one placed slash is all it takes. Wolverine guts Panther and vitality slowly drains from T’Challa’s eyes behind the mask. That is when things get intense. The wolf goes crazy as can be, tearing T’Challa limb for limb until nothing remains of his suit or T’challa himself. In the end, Wolverine rises bathed in blood and goes off in the search of his next victim. But surely outcome can be different too if Black Panther is wearing the suit made of Antarctic Vibranium.

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