10 Secret Superpowers of Neo From The Matrix Movies You Never Knew

The One, The Chosen One, The Savior – Neo has been known by many names by many people. The machines consider him their greatest threat. Humanity sees him as the man who will finally give their kinda fighting chance at survival. Within the Matrix, Neo is invincible. Even in the real world, Neo has shown otherworldly feats. Presenting 10 Secret Superpowers of Neo from The Matrix movies you never knew……

Resurrect the Dead

Neo once revived Trinity from the brink of death. But that isn’t true resurrection. He just gave him a Matrix CPR. In the Matrix, every person’s mind is translated into lines of code. So if the person dies in the real world, the translated code of his mind stays within the Matrix. Neo can tap into those codes and create a live version of the dead guy within the virtual world.

Withstand an atomic blast

Neo can simply wish himself invulnerable, even to a degree where nuclear bombs prove ineffective at harming him. When Neo stands at the point blank blast radius of a nuclear device, he simply rewrites the code of the bomb’s ignition mechanism within the matrix. The result is the Blast Radius of the bomb incinerates everything but the place he is standing on.


Neo can do much more than bend a spoon. His thoughts are the very thing that governs everything within the matrix. He could will someone to stop in their tracks or stop bullets in their tracks. That degree of control also extends to the real world to some degree. Neo has a form of wireless control in his brain that helps him do so.

Control over machines…even in the real world

The Sentinel robots of Machine City and literally all the enemy machines are connected to the Matrix. Neo can control the Matrix and he can use the wireless control in his brain to therefore access and manipulate the war machines of Machine City. He successfully stopped a group of Sentinels in The Matrix Reloaded. If he had enough time to hone this ability, maybe he could have shut down the entire Machine City.

Omniscience within the Matrix

Anything that happens within the Matrix, Neo is aware of it. This ability also allows The One to sense any changes to the Matrix, say for example a Rogue Agent like Agent Smith reinserts himself as a virus into the Matrix after being initially killed (or deleted). Neo could not only sense changes but identify corrupt programs within the Matrix.

Create Clones of Himself

If Agent Smith could do it, so could Neo.  While the latter was a parasitic anomaly that created copies of himself like a virus, What Neo does would be the exact opposite. Neo contains the Prime Program. He could copy the Prime Program code into others and create an army of The Ones. He would essentially be making anti-bodies to fight the virus.

Can create things from scratch

When you are a literal God in a world, you can do things no one ever could. Neo has control over the power of creation inside the Matrix. He can write lines of code to improve the chances of his team-mates survival within the virtual world and enhance their chances of success. His hacker background helps him facilitate this ability.


Clairvoyance is not just an ability reserved for the Oracle. Neo could look into the future just as well. But he was still a novice at it. In the Mobil Avenue Station, Neo did see a glimpse of the future – An endless river of Sentinels. Had he enough time to perfect his abilities, he could have found the key to witnessing all potential futures and choosing the best possible action to reach the best outcome.

Create another Matrix

Neo has such a powerful connection to the Matrix that he could literally copy its source code to make another Matrix. What he would do is create a parallel version of the Virtual world where the Machines would no longer have unrestricted access. The framework is already there. All Neo needs to do is write the code that throws out the malevolent elements and replaces them with benevolent ones and thus create a Virtual Utopia.

Create a new ‘The One’

The birth of The One, a supreme being that can control the entire Matrix, is governed by the Prime Program – a set of codes and sub-codes that govern the rules and regulations for the creation of The One. Since Neo can access anything and everything within it, he can also access the Prime Program. The Prime Program dictates that the previous The One must die for a new The One to take his place. He could rewrite that part of the Prime Program to create a new The One while he still lives.

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