Marvel Trolls DC: Spider-Man Pokes Fun At Batman’s Proposal To Catwoman

Not many know but Batman is actually getting married. Termed the comic book wedding of the century, Batman will soon become the husband to his longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Their relationship has almost always started with a rocky start and ended up in troubled waters. Their relationship will finally get a romantic closure when Batman will wed Selina Kyle and become a couple. But even as the wedding bells ring all around the DC Comics Universe, Marvel is hard at work to troll them just as savagely. A recent Spiderman issue made fun of Batman’s proposal to Selina Kyle.

Spoiler Alert: The Following Paragraphs contain Major Spoilers Spectacular Spider-Man #300. If you still haven’t read it yet, you know what to do….

Batman and Catwoman’s wedding will the Wedding of the Century for Comic Book Lovers worldwide, but Marvel Comics is also celebrating their marriage in their own weird way. The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 saw Spiderman doing the same thing to his own cat like love interest, Black Cat. Do not worry for the dig at DC wasn’t meant to be an act of war. It is something both DC and Marvel fans can enjoy and laugh at. Fans of both Batman and Spiderman could enjoy the issue just the same.

Spectacular Spider-Man #300 saw the writers pay homage to Tom King’s run on the famous Batman arc. The over-sized Spiderman issue was written by none other than Chip Zdarsky. The issue contains a back up story that managed to catch everyone’s attention. In the back-up story titled “The Canary”, Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy wonders what could have been between Peter Parker and her if she had said yes.

King’s rebirth issue was the talk of the town when it released. It saw Batman chasing Selina Kyle down the rooftops of Gotham City. Long Story Short, Bruce realizes that it is not healthy to fight his feelings for Selina Kyle any longer. Regardless of the fact that he was holding a handful of stolen diamonds and a known fugitive in his line of sight, Batman decides to give in to what his heart craves the most. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Selina Kyle. With a ring made from the first diamond, Selina stole from Bruce Wayne. He only kept it as a memorabilia, something to remember Selina by. He had never anticipated that he would eventually end up using it to propose Catwoman.  The ring had finally fulfilled her purpose.

Artists Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio perfectly recreate the same scene with two different actors this time. Selina and Bruce’s moment was something that left fans speechless and happy. This particular Spiderman scene will also leave you speechless but for all the wrong reasons. When Black Cat is cornered by Spiderman after the former’s attempt at a burglary, Black Cat gets on one knee and pops the question. The art is pretty similar to King’s Batman run so there’s hardly any chance of being mistaken there.

The moment is eerily similar to this particular DC Comics issue. Fans immediately recognized the similarity between the two – A cat Burglar has a thing for a masked vigilante. The Vigilante is the good guy trying to change the cat burglar for the good. The Cat Burglar doesn’t want to be changed. When Selina Kyle stole a fake diamond and was met by Bruce on a rooftop, Bruce did the unthinkable. He popped the question but he was respectable about it. Black Cat just did it to get around the corner. The arc is also titled ‘The Canary’. The Canary was also the name of the fake diamond Selina stole that started the whole thing.

Black Cat was only pretending though. Although she does care about Peter Parker, she is currently in no position of getting married. As soon as Spiderman’s emotions take over and his Spider-Sense goes haywire, Black Cat lashes out and literally claws her way out of Spidey’s grasps. Spiderman is then left to tend to his physical and emotional wounds.

We hope Felicia Hardy apologizes for what she did there. After all, what are men without their fragile male ego!!!

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