15 Mind-Boggling Iron Fist Powers That Aren’t Featured On The Netflix TV Series

Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. Before you think that we should not even be talking about him after he single-handedly ruined Marvel’s streak of making good cinematic products, we should justify that Netflix did not do him justice at all. He is much more than what was portrayed on the TV show, and he has some amazing powers and abilities that make him a Superhuman, who has the capability to take out even the likes of Captain America or Luke Cage! Here are some amazing Iron Fist powers.

Magic Immunity

Danny Rand has trained his entire life and after that, he finally became the Immortal Iron Fist which granted him internal strength that could knock down any Superhuman that opposes him. Along with this strength, he also gets immunity against Magic, so the likes of Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch would not have much effect on him internally. They can use other things to attack him but they cannot physically harm him with magic.

Energy Absorption

Danny harnesses the powers of his chi to attack others, but surprisingly, his powers don’t just come out of his chi, as he can also harness the powers from many external sources by absorbing them. His power absorption may not be as effective as Captain Marvel, but it certainly comes in handy when Danny is not able to focus upon his chi.


After reading The book of The Iron Fist, Danny Rand perfected the Hypnotic fist ability. He can hypnotize opponents in the middle of a fight and wait for the perfect moment to strike. He is willing to get inside the opponent’s head for victory in battle. This is one of the ultimate abilities a hero could possess!

Superior Senses

Danny doesn’t have Wolverine’s nodes or Daredevil’s radar vision. What he does have is his incredible control over his Chi. By harnessing it Iron Fist can even hear a butterfly flap his wings and has near perfect night and telescopic vision. His nose is also superhumanly efficient. He can sense an attack coming in from a mile away, so it feels just like someone possessing Spider-sense as it would be really difficult to hit him!

Extremely Capable Ninja

Rand trained throughout his life in K’un-Lun and he became a very capable Ninja, so even without the powers of the Immortal Iron Fist, he can take down dozens of Bad guys alone, and he could even come in handy if brought in to fight the Outriders in Avengers: Infinity War.

He can switch off pain!

A Martial Artist is at his peak strength if he is able to take control of his body. Iron Fist harnesses his chi which allows him to control his entire nervous system and focus his energy on his fighting organs, totally shutting the pain in his body. It may take a toll on his body later on but a fighter not feeling any sort of pain during a battle could turn out to be lethal against any opponent.

Superhuman Durability

Danny can use an aura shield to slow projectiles like bullets and shuriken from reaching his body apart from his Chi driven Self-healing techniques. It only took a few seconds for Danny to revive himself from a full spinal injury when Diamondback broke his back in Bendis’s run on The Defenders.

Can turn buildings into Chi powered Weapons of Mass Destruction

Danny packs some insane tricks up his sleeve as he can use his Chi to do wonders like turning non-living buildings and monoliths into weapons of the Iron Fist, and he has even defeated Gods using this particular ability.

He can hop through Dimensions

This is one of his abilities that most people do not even know about, as he can travel between various dimensions at his own will. He does not need any magical or technological object or anything else to do so as he can focus his chi so intensely that it allows his astral body to travel into the astral plain, and due to his immense meditations, Iron Fist could open nexus points to other dimensions as well.

He has the Iron Fist!

iron fist powers

Apart from all his amazing abilities, the most basic and lethal weapon that he possesses is his Fist as by harnessing his Chi, he transfers the energy of his entire body into his fist and can defeat or go toe to toe with almost anyone using his Iron Fist.

Danny was stranded atop the Himalayan mountain range at the age of 9. He saw both his parents die and he suffered at the hands of a family friend when he betrayed Danny’s father for greed. The child was then rescued by vestiges of K’un-Lun who took Danny in. Trained him in the way of the martial arts to, made him what he is today. When Danny Rand turned 19 he was given the task to slay the legendary serpent Shuo-Lao.

This serpent was said to have iron skin and invulnerable because he had cast out his own heart and placed it on a base. But Danny defeated the creature against all odds and as a result received the tattoo on his chest, not only that upon defeating the serpent Danny plunged his hands Into the vase and from the molten heart of the serpent he received the power of the Iron fist.

Mind Fusion abilities

The Iron fist has the power to temporarily fuse his mind with others, this allows the martial artist to share memories, experiences an information with other people. We have seen Danny use this power to either gain information from a thug it to gather important aspects of a person’s psyche. This is a power of the immortal iron fist that stems from his very chi control. The fact that Danny has complete control over the energy that flows through his body and that he can use this energy and manipulate it to achieve such feats is incredible. It shows how long the man has trained and to what a level a martial arts to can ascend to.

Enhanced Healing

If Daniel Rand sustains some injury or illness, the immortal iron fist can focus his chi and direct it to heal his wounds or body. The chi manipulation allows iron fist to enhance his body’s inherent healing powers and re-enforce them in a way that they the healing happens much faster than any normal human.

This allows the Iron fist to fight harder for longer durations, it also allows Danny to take care of any health hazards that his heroic exploits might present to him. The fact that Danny has such impeccable control over not only his perception but every part of his body goes to show the resolute spirit Iron fist possesses.

Superhuman Longevity

Blessed by the elders of K’un-Lun, the Immortal Iron fist is called so for a reason. Even though the title of iron fist passes from generation to generation, each iron fist has a longer lifespan than your average human. It is highly likely that Daniel Rand too is blessed by the longevity of life just like his predecessor Orson Randall. The longevity comes from a slowed down aging process that allows the iron fist to maintain his youth and consequential peak human performance for a longer period of time than any human.

Adaptability to New Environments

The immortal iron fist also has the capability to focus his chi to adapt to harsh environmental factors. Be it scorching heat or the unforgiving cold, the iron fist can deal with it all with his superhuman adaptability. Danny Rand only needs to free his mind and focus on his ability adapt to his natural vicinity. This allows Rand to maintain his peak performance even in harsh climates and extreme terrains. Thugs beware, you can’t hide behind the weather when the immortal iron fist is on the job.


Many fans will argue that this is not a power of the iron fist but his inherent capability to influence the natural order in his immediate vicinity. To them my answer is simple. The immortal it on fist possesses the power to gauge the feeling of animals/humans/ creatures around him, he can also use this enhanced perception of will or enhanced empathy to project his own feelings into other beings, molding them to his will and influencing their actions, enabling the iron fist to be the smartest person in the room when a battle starts.

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