Did Location of Wakanda Change In Black Panther?

Black Panther is the MCU’s latest entry and it was incredible in every way. The movie was groundbreaking and it has created so many records in just 5 days of its release. It became the highest rated comic book movie ever and then went on to have the highest earning the first weekend for a Superhero origin movie. It has beaten Justice League’s entire US Box Office earnings in just 4 days. JL stands at $228 Million in 91 days and Back Panther got in $235 in just 4!

Just imagine how massive this movie is. Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman have really created something magical for us all, and Marvel President Kevin Feige has already claimed it to be the best Marvel movie they have ever made till now. This movie is going to have an immense impact on the entire MCU as it brought in so many game-changing aspects into the mix. While it had a lot of new stuff for us to take in, it rets coned some old things as well. Just like every other great movie, this movie also had some minor mistakes which were kind of overlooked. But, its fine as the movie will get a total pass on everything because it was so beautiful.

One of the mistakes we spotted from a previous movie and this movie was the actual location of Wakanda on the map. Wakanda is a third world country that hides in plain sight using the advanced technologies it has been able to derive with the help of extensive reserves of an alien Metal, Vibranium. The Wakandan people hide themselves in order to protect what they have from reaching the rest of the world.

Vibranium came out of a meteor that hit the surface of Earth Millions of Years ago. The Wakandans have an entire mountain full of Vibranium and they have everything made up Vibranium, their weapons, clothes, technologically advanced gadgets and everything Black Panther uses mostly. They guard Vibranium from reaching to the rest of the world as a preventive measure from letting it fall into the wrong hands.

As much as the movie explained about Wakanda, its resources, it’s people, the culture they follow and many other things, it still had a tiny bit of mistake that was ignored and has not been fixed intentionally, which is the actual location of Wakanda. ‘Marvel’s Black Panther: The Art of the Movie’ shows the map of Wakanda.

This map displays the hidden Wakandan nation, which is a relatively tiny kingdom adjacent to Lake Kivu, which is one of the greatest African Lakes. The nation shares its border with the left half of Uganda, which is the Western Border attaching to Wakanda’s North Eastern Border. Towards the south is Rwanda and the Republic of Congo is towards the West.

Well, the location placed in this map is actually different to the one that was placed in Captain America: Civil War in a map shown during a news broadcast in the movie. This map places Wakanda near an entirely different Water Body, Lake Turkana. Here, Wakanda is displayed where Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda meet. Wakanda shares its Western border with Uganda’s North Eastern body, which places the nation totally to the opposite direction than it was placed in the previous map.

It is confusing and unclear how Wakanda’s location was changed from movie to movie. By the looks of it, it could have been a minor art book error or it could have been an intentional change to reference it to the comics. The Marvel Comics have shown Wakanda to be an East African Nation, but over time, its location has changed. An early map shown in the comics had Wakanda placed near Lake Turkana, while a later map placed it between Sudan and the DRC, and the most recent map showed its location next to Lake Victoria.

Well, it’s great how Wakanda has been able to hide its secrets for such a long time. But now is their time to come out of Shadows, and share what they have, with the rest of the world. Black Panther is currently playing in theatres. Go check it out and get mesmerized.

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