Avengers Infinity War Had Fake Script Scenes To Fight Internet Leaks

The Internet can be a harsh place. And if you are making a movie or TV series that is one of the most anticipated of the year, it can be even harsher. It has happened to massively popular shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who before, it has also happened to several movie franchises like The Fast and Furious series and the Harry Potter movies. Leaks regarding several important plot twists have shaken and stifled the story making process of these productions. Producers have even warned them that such leaks could destroy the entire movie and leave no room for a sequel but to no avail. The leaks come when they come and ravage important plot details. Avengers Infinity War is the latest movie to have used the fake script scenes to evade this problem.

And to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t be the target of such leaks would be like saying a fish won’t get wet when it swims. As the world’s most profitable franchise ever, leaks are bound to happen. And they sometimes even stall the movies, forcing the writers to change the storyline so that the leaks won’t match with the plot. And that pushes the release date further forward. Story leaks are Hollywood’s greatest enemy, in ways even more so than Harvey Weinstein could ever be.

Well, not anymore!!!

The MCU has a new weapon to fight against internet leaks. It is simple and effective. Avengers Infinity War is the most anticipated movie of the decade. So, in order to shield it, Marvel Studios devised a new strategy to protect the secretive plot twists and turns within the story. Paul Bettany, the actor who plays the Marvel Superhero Vision in the MCU movies, claims the Infinity War script had fake scenes in them. It was all part of a meticulously planned effort to fight online leaks.

For example, take the case of Avengers Infinity War. Screen Geek has observed an important detail within the script for Infinity War. It seems like the Infinity War directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, knowingly included fake scripts within the Infinity War manuscript to neutralize the leaks. That way even if there were leaks, they would feature fake scenes which would have never been included in the movie anyway:

“When I read the script there were fake scenes in it. I got the directors on the phone and they walked me through what were the fake scenes. They’d had three leaks already, so they’d written a script with lots of fake scenes. There were three Hero iPads that had the only real script on them.”

The amount of effort it takes to keep a movie script as famous as that secret is staggering, to say the least. Tom Holland, who went trigger happy with important plot details for Avengers Infinity War last year, has been forbidden from ever reading the script. He does the action scenes and everything but at the end, he is only told that the rest of the work will be finished off with CGI. But Holland isn’t alone in this ‘need to know basis’ approach. Several other actors have been voluntarily or involuntarily made to not read the entire script of the movie. Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in the GOTG movies, has also refused of his own volition to reading the full Infinity War script.

But it now looks like the actors won’t even have leaked the original story elements even if they wanted to. The Studios would have all handed them different scripts with contradictory plotlines. The original script for the movie is made into three separate copies, and put into one Hero iPad each and placed in a different location.  But you never can be too careful. Mark Ruffalo once live streamed Thor: Ragnarok and revealed important plot details. So the Studio needs to be wary of anything and everything.

Fans need to analyze all leaks regarding photos, script details, and videos so as not to get them mixed with fake scripts. Marvel has carried out a counter-intelligence operation, spreading out fake news about the movie and dedicating entire photo sessions for those fake scenes to ensure the fans stay confused. Even the directors are carefully vague when it comes to giving out statements, further muddying the already muddied waters.

Infinity War

Given the amount of time and money it took to come to Avengers Infinity War, the culmination of Marvel Studios’ 10 years long hardship to finally unveil the most epic moment in comic book movie history, it makes sense to think that they would go to such lengths so as not to spoil a broth a decade in the making.

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