15 Actors Who Think They’re Too Good For The MCU

Some actors and actresses are very good with their performances and they are noticeable. Our favorite superhero movie franchise, Marvel Comic Universe had us revealing that there were many roles in the movies that they planned for someone else but got turned down because the actors thought that they were too good for MCU.

Scroll down and take a look at 15 Actors Who Think They’re Too Good For The MCU (But Are Dead Wrong)

Mel Gibson

Marvel’s Comic Universe had Thor, one of our favorite characters. With the responsibility of This, cane making up the world of Asgard. Asgard was a realm where Thor belonged to and Mel Gibson was thought to play the role of Odin, the father of Thor. Mel Gibson had denied the role and we know Gibson is not enamored by the Marvel’s Comic Universe.

Jessica Chastain

Ant-Man is among those Marvel movies, that have gone some serious changes during the making. The director changed to Edgar Wright. He even sent a short clip. There is this actress, Jessica Chastain, who was more interested in the movies like Interstellar and The Martian than Ant-Man.

Joaquin Phoenix

Famous and appreciated for the role in the movie Walk the Line, Joaquin Phoenix was among those actors that came under the radar of Marvel to play the role of one of the best Marvel characters, Doctor Strange. The reason that Joaquin Phoenix decided to leave the movie because Marvel’s movies appeared more like products than acts of creativity.

Emily Hunt

She has recently become a big stat and is very well known for her performances in the movies she acts in. Marvel wanted her to play the role of the ex-red room assassin, Black Widow. She denied the role. Then Marvel thought maybe she will star as Peggy Carter, in Captain America: The First Avenger but she dropped out again. She’s going other big movies and is doing well.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is an attractive man and Marvel wanted to star him in there movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He was speculated to play the role of the father of Star-Lord, considering the portrayal of Star-Lord by Chris Pratt. But McConaughey decided to work in The Dark Tower by Idris Elba and come out of the movie.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is very well known for her role in the movies like In Time and Tron Legacy and when Marvel announced that they will bring their comic series of Guardians of the Galaxy to the big screen, to play the role of Gamora, the daughter of the mad Titan, Thanos, Olivia Wilde was thought upon but she ended up denying the role for some reason she hasn’t disclosed to the public.

Alec Baldwin

A lot of directors and actors turned their attention towards the Marvel’s Comic Universe, after the release of The Avengers. Among the people considered for the franchise, Alec Baldwin was a name that appeared for some unknown role in Phase 2. We also knew that he was approached to play roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy but he turned down the offer for some unknown reason.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Very well reputed for his roles in 500 Days of Summer and The Dark Knights Rises. After appearing in a DC movie, Marvel wanted to involve him in one of their projects. They wanted him to play the lead Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. But for some unknown reason, he dropped out of the project.

Jason Momoa

We all know Jason Momoa is among the most ripped guys in Hollywood and is best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. He currently plays a more metal version of Aquaman in the DC movie Justice League. But that wasn’t the first superheroes role he was considered for. Marvel wanted him to play the character of Drax the Destroyer in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, but he turned it down saying that the character was very similar to the ones he has done in the past.

Tom Cruise

The decision of Marvel to make movies was a big one and a very intelligent one because that has made them a lot of money. They started with Iron Man and really needed someone to portray the role of the tech genius Tony Stark but Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t their first choice. It was Tom Cruise but he rejected the role saying that the plot was too weak.

Saoirse Ronan

When Marvel decided to come alive the character of Scarlet Witch, they were looking for someone who can play the role for the movies to come in the future. The role fell into the hands of  Elizabeth Olsen because Saoirse Ronan couldn’t be signed because everyone wanted Saoirse to act in their movie.

Jensen Ackles

Marvel, while making The Avengers though of bringing a kit of characters on screen, like Agent Bill Clinton, who was an expert of the Bow and Arrow, Hawkeye. But he wasn’t the most memorable part of the movie. Well, Joss Whedon actually wanted Jensen Ackles to play the role, because of this good performance in the series Supernatural but that couldn’t be because Jensen was very busy with the series to come to the universe of Marvel.

Joel Edgerton

Marvel was very planned with the actors that they will portrayal in their movies and have a pipe of backups, for just in case. This is extremely true for Guardians of the Galaxy, where the role of Star-Lord was meant for Joel Edgerton, because of his commendable performance in The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty, Revenge of the Sith, etc. He could not play the role and Chris Pratt is the Star-Lord now.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne won an Academy Award for his role as Stephen Hawking for The Theory of Everything. The charm that Eddie brings to the screen is ethereal, and Marvel noticed that wanting him to play Star-Lord for the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, but for some unknown reason, he couldn’t be a part of it.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is among the highest demanded actors in Hollywood and he is doing very well with the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean but his superhero popularity is fading away, and maybe if he had played the role of Doctor Strange Marvel had actually planned for him, things would have been different.

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