Venom Movie Will Reportedly Feature Peter Parker But Not As Spiderman!!

When Sony hinted at their plans for a possible Venom spinoff movie, everyone was bound to take it with a pinch of salt. Sony has a horrible track record of making several such promises to their fans, only to go back on their word later. The Sinister Six movie is one such glaring example. But as it turns out, the movie was happening. Casting choices have already been finalized and production will soon be underway. Tom Hardy will feature as the titular anti-hero Venom, Michelle Williams will portray Anne Weying and an un-named villain (rumored to be Carnage) working for the evil Life Foundation will be the one to make life hell for Eddie Brock/ Venom in the movie.

But Venom wasn’t always a good guy. In the comics, Eddie Brock and Peter Parker were journalistic rivals aiming for the same vacant spot to fill in The Daily Bugle. When Peter bonded with the Symbiote, his calm and kind personality were altered and he ended up destroying Eddie’s career.

Eddie bore an unwavering grudge against Peter Parker. When the Symbiote left Spiderman’s body, it somehow found its way to Eddie and thus was born the villain known as Venom.

Venom has all of Spiderman’s powers and even some unique to his own. He knew about Peter’s alter ego since the Symbiote had access to Parker’s memories during their time together. Venom and Spiderman clashed several times in the comic books. For both Spiderman and Venom’s story, the other character is as equally important.

So when Sony announced Peter Parker will not be Spiderman in the Venom movie, it sure did raise several eyebrows.

Tom Holland is the new face of Peter Parker and the face wearing the Spiderman mask in the MCU. But he will be portraying only one of his two alter egos for the movie. Fans are still scratching their heads about how Sony will tell the story of Venom in a world where Spiderman never existed.

The Venom movie starring Tom Hardy is claimed by Sony to be adjacent to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige, although, has repeatedly claimed Venom is not part of the MCU.

While each studio head gives out conflicting statements, one critical piece of evidence has surfaced to put the rest of the questions to rest. Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker in Venom. This would put the movie fairly in the leagues of the MCU movies. Holland’s potential role for the movie is also provided a detailed explanation.

Jon Schnepp gave us some inside info during the coverage of his Venom Report. A full two days were slotted for shooting with Tom Holland for his guest appearance in the movie. While Peter Parker will appear, we are afraid Schnepp’s words clearly indicate he won’t be suiting up to become the Web-slinger anytime soon in Sony movies. This is what he says:

Tom Holland was on set filming scenes on Venom for at least two days as Peter Parker. Okay, so I’m not saying Spider-Man is in the film. When I say Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is in the film, I’m saying Peter Parker is in the film.

Looks like Sony has put a critical card on the table. Marvel Studios wanted Holland’s role in the movie a secret until the very end. But with Sony marketing Venom as an MCU spin-off, it was getting harder and harder for Kevin Feige to withhold this data from the fans. Now with Tom Holland’s cameo all but confirmed, the two studios will be working together for making a movie in a (sort of) shared universe.


The new still does not reveal how Holland is supposed to factor into the movie. Holland’s Peter Parker lives in Queens, New York while Eddie lives in San Francisco. Both cities are at the opposite sides of the country. Maybe Eddie meets Peter while the latter is on a school trip. Maybe the rumor about Peter bringing the Symbiote back to Earth from fighting Thanos in Space is indeed true. That way both studios would be able to work on their projects without jeopardizing each other’s continuity. Whatever may be the case, we are just excited for Holland making a cameo in Venom. Fingers crossed!!!

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