5 Reasons Why Hugh Jackman Should Join The MCU As Wolverine (And 5 He Shouldn’t)

Hugh Jackman has created his legacy around Wolverine. He has proven time and time again that he is more than just Wolverine but we as fans have gotten so used to seeing him as Wolverine all the time. Jackman played the role for 17 years, which is the biggest time span of any actor being attached to a particular role, and now that our dream of seeing him in the MCU could come true due to the Disney-Fox merger, we still want him for more. There are both ways in which you could debate on this conversation. So,

Here are 5 reasons Jackman should be the Wolverine in MCU    

Hugh Jackman’s experience with the character

Even though he is not an accurate comic book version of the character, we have all grown into his way of doing it which is really amazing. He has played the character for 17 years and by now he could play Wolverine in his sleep. So, there is no one better we could actually think of as Wolverine other than Hugh Jackman.

It will be a dream come true

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began to expand, we have had nothing else but one dream, which is of seeing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine appear on the big screen with the likes of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Evans’ Captain America and Hemsworth’s Thor. Now, that it is possible, there is no way we would want anything other than that.

Fan Favourite

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is no doubt a fan favorite character as this is a character that actually made him a big brand in Hollywood. Fans love to see him pop out the claws and go into the berserker rage mode carving everything that comes in his way. One major thing that Logan proved was that the fans are not done with his version of this character.

Jackman’s a money maker 

Hugh Jackman is a big name in Hollywood now and has been doing throughout his career with anything and everything that he has got. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has now become the highest-grossing movie franchise. Getting a huge name like Hugh Jackman to star in the MCU, would only mean one thing for the studios, which is selling more and more tickets as no one would want to miss that.

His love for the role

Hugh Jackman

One thing we have seen in all his appearances as Wolverine is that Hugh Jackman really loves this character and would do it justice every time he dons the claws. So, there is no one else in the entire industry that could bring in such love and dedication to a role. Jackman acted his heart out in Logan and we would love to see more of that.

Here are 5 reasons Jackman should not be Wolverine in the MCU

It is time for a change

We have gotten used to seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for 17 years and surely would want to see him for more. But it cannot be denied that it is the perfect time for a reboot. It is the perfect chance to make a Wolverine which is more accurate to the comics, i.e. short heighted, and in the classic yellow and blue costume. It is the time to cast a new actor as Wolverine that could give us another decade of the character we love.

Jackman’s getting old for this role

Hugh Jackman is already 49 years old, and by the time this merger goes through and a Wolverine movie is announced with Hugh Jackman, he would already be 50+. Yes, there are actors who have been playing a Superhero successfully at this age, but playing Wolverine is such a physical role and no one in their 50s would want to continue such a tiring sole for so long.

Marvel would want Wolverine for the next decade

As we have seen, Marvel has a knack for making trilogies with big characters, and as Hugh Jackman is old, he maybe be has just one or two Wolverine movies left within him, and would not want to continue for more. If Marvel brings him in for one movie and then recast the role after he is done with it, fans are already going to hate the new one as they won’t want to see anyone else.

Bringing him means bringing all the baggage

The moment you bring in Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, you are saying that all the X-men along with him has existed in this Universe and there is no way that anyone can explain the existence of this entire franchise without anyone actually knowing of their existence. Yes, the multiverse theory could come into play but doing that would still bring in a lot of baggage from the past. It will bring in the events of bad movies like Apocalypse and the Last Stand. Marvel would not want this bad branding associated with the name. they would want a clean slate.

He has no connection with any MCU characters

Hugh Jackman

We have seen Wolverine within the X-men Franchise all this time, which means, he hasn’t had any time connecting with the characters of the MCU. Spending a movie establishing a connection would be a waste as there are not a lot of movies that Jackman would want to do with this role. Also, if he is brought in then, people would be like, why not bring in others like McAvoy, Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. Marvel can’t just bring in everyone just like that!

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