15 Most Powerful Alien Races in Star Wars – Ranked

The Fantasy world that George Lucas created is as equally as deadly as it is beautiful. It is filled with scores of peaceful, technologically advanced races that only focus on gathering knowledge and exploring new frontiers of space. But where there’s light, there is always a shadow. It can not only enlighten but also destroy. Presenting the 15 most powerful races of the Star Wars Universe – Ranked from weakest to strongest.

15. Genosians

The Genosians’ closest relative on Earth would be insectoid species like ants or bees. They follow a hive mind hierarchy with a queen giving the worker drones orders to fulfill. This makes them fairly less intelligent. The Genosians are known for their insane engineering skills. They are credited with building the Death Star.

14. Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raiders are native to the planet Tatooine. They are a pesky race that always travels in herds. Their intelligence is not something to boast about. Water is the most precious resource for the Tusken Raiders and they frequently raid Moisture farms. A band of Tusken Raiders once kidnapped, tortured and killed Anakin’s mother, Shmi.

13. Talz

The Talz are a peaceful race but you would still think twice before getting on their bad side. The Talz once defeated the Republic’s forces on Orto Plutonia. They even possess Space faring capabilities now. The Talz have powerful talons that can rip apart steel, surprisingly resilient hides and excellent vision.

12. Rancor


The Rancor was first introduced in Jabba the Hutt’s crib where it almost chewed down Luke Skywalker. A particular species of Jungle Rancor proved extremely difficult to tame by the First Order while making the Starkiller Base. The Rancor is not sentient, but their jaws, menacing look and their big size make them a deadly opponent.

11. Devaronians

The Devaronians look like they come straight from Biblical Hell. But looks can be deceiving. Devaronians are an extremely benevolent species that were the first of the sentient races of the Galaxy to master space travel. Based on a matriarchal society, they consume sulfur to augment their strength and speed and are immune to poisons.

10. Ewoks

Ewoks may look cute but do not for a second believe that they are no threat to you. The Forest Moon of Endor saw these tribal teddy bears take down highly trained Storm Troopers by themselves. Ewoks are quick to learn military strategy and adapt to anything and everything. They are the perfect teddy bear soldiers.

9. Togruta

Jedi Master Shaak Ti from the movies is a member of this race. But the most popular Togruta character will be Ahsoka Tano. The Togruta are a generally underutilized race in Star Wars lore. They are characterized by their weird hairdo and the ability to produce powerful Jedis.

8. Zabrak

The Zabrak are extremely violent and loyal to a fault if given a purpose. Orders are what drives a Zabrak. The most famous example of a Zabrak is Darth Maul – the guy who killed Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi Master of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

7. Yoda’s Species

Everyone loves Yoda. But no one knows where exactly does he hail from. Yoda is arguably one of the greatest and most formidable Jedi’s to have ever lived. If a race can produce someone so powerful with the force, it must be held in high regard. Yoda is not the last of his race though. A female, Yaddle, also appeared as a Jedi Council Member. She is also Force-sensitive.

6. Gungans

The Gungans are one of the Galaxy’s most powerful species. Jar Jar Binks was a mess but do not let him represent his entire race. The Gungans have mastered habitation on both land and sea. Their underwater city in Naboo is a wonder to behold. A group of Gungans also helped defeat the Federation’s forces on Naboo, so they are also a battle-hardened species.

5. Hutts

The Mutant slugs from Planet Terror are the greatest crime lords of the Galaxy. Extremely obese and dripping with mucus, the Hutts rules with fear. Sadism is another thing the Hutts hold sacred and they have sided with the Empire several times in the past.

4. Mon Calamari

The Mon Calamari has given the Republic and the Rebel Alliance the greatest strategists and tacticians the Galaxy has to offer. Admiral Ackbar, a prominent member of the Resistance is one of their greatest leaders. And who can forget Admiral Raddus whose brave actions allowed Leia to get her hands on the Death Star?

3. Wookies

The Wookies are the race the fan favorite Chewbacca belongs to. They may speak in roars and grunts but they are extremely intelligent. Their thick fur not only gives them protection but also serves as a form of camouflage. In one non-canonical novel, the Wookies were seen as so powerful that the only way to kill them was by dropping an entire moon on them.


2. Clawdites

star wars

The Clawdites possess an ability no one else in the Galaxy can boast of. The Clawdites can shape-shift into anyone and anything. This makes them effective assassins. One Clawdite Zam Wessell almost gave Anakin and Obi-Wan a run for their money. Clawdites also happen to be able pilots and tacticians.

 1. Kaminoans

The big-eyed aliens from the Star Wars universe may not look as threatening at first sight. But they do possess one frightening piece of technology that no one else does – Cloning. The Kaminoans have mastered the art of Cloning and provided the Republic with their entire army of Clone Troopers during the height of their power. Why would they get scared when they could just mass produce an army within seconds?!?! Thankfully, they are a benevolent species that have decided to stay neutral in the war.

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