12 Huge Controversies That Could Have Destroyed Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network is a well-known part of everybody’s childhood. Nonetheless, something as innocent looking and harmless as the CN shows has also been marred with controversies. You may not know all of them or any of them for that matter, but if they would have gone out of hand they could have smashed CN to smithereens.

12. Speedy Gonzalez gets canceled

Speedy Gonzalez is a super fast mouse that also happens to be the pinnacle of Hispanic stereotypes. That was part of the reason for it being canceled by CN. But there was one problem – the Hispanics themselves loved the show. It was reinstated later on.

11. Power Puff Girls movie is compared to 9/11

The Power Puff Girls movie was the first area of discord between CN and WB studios. CN advised the movie to be an adult take on the award-winning series while WB wanted it to have a lighter tone. WB had its way and the movie bombed. With the movie being compared to the 9/11, CN’s cinematic aspirations went down the drain.

10. Teen Titans and Justice League get canceled

When the team at WB animation got a reshuffle, they ordered each and every show to be re-pitched. Teen Titans and Justice League failed the re-pitch process. As a result, they were canceled even though they were the two most popular shows at the time.

9. CN Live Action Shows

CN is spelled Cartoon Network. That’s right. It specializes in Cartoons. But it once tried to do something completely out of the box. CN launched CN Real – a line of live-action TV Shows. Suffice it to say, no program ever became a success and CN went back to its old roots.

8. Mooninite Bomb Scare

During the promotions of the Aqua Teen Hungerforce movie, some props that were meant to be advertising tools were suspected of being bombs. This threw the entire city of Boston into a citywide panic. After the dust finally settled, CN’s parent company Turner Broadcasting paid a hefty Million dollar fine and its president stepped down.

7. Toonami gets canceled

Toonami was every child’s wet dream come true. But there was a time where its ratings were steadily on the decline. Toonami was the premium feature of CN when it got abruptly canceled in 2008. Thankfully, Adult Swim has managed to revive TOM with much more steady ratings.

6. Bubbleine Controversy

It is still an unanswered question among fans – Did Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen ever date? The show has aired an episode that contained major subtexts that pointed to a yes. But subtexts are the only way they could get away with a gay relationship, since being gay is still banned in several countries CN airs in.

5. Sexism issue in Young Justice and Sym-Bionic Titan

When CN makes a show, toy lines for them arrive soon arrive in retail stores. But Young Justice and Sym-Bionic Titan never were given merchandise status as the female characters were intentionally skewed. Sym-Bionic Titan required a separate female character for making a toy while Young Justice Toys never went past development.

4. Clarence Creator slammed with sexual abuse allegations

Clarence, the massively popular slice of life Cartoon that airs on CN is the brainchild of Skyler Page. As the #MeToo campaign caught steam, Skyler was accused of assaulting Adventure Time storyboarder, Emily Partridge. Page was soon fired thereafter. He is now awaiting psychiatric treatment at a Mental Hospital.

3. Boondocks creator has given the Pink Slip in Season Four

The Boondocks was thought to be over after season 3. So it came as a shock when Season 4 was announced to be aired on Adult Swim. But there was just one catch – Aaron McGruder wasn’t in it. Leaked emails reveal that the relationship between McGruder and Adult Swim had gone sour as the former’s laziness affected the schedule.

2. Racist concept art for Steven Universe

The First edition of the concept art book Steven Universe: Art & Origins holds a massive secret. The character of Concrete is a huge racist stereotype aimed at African Americans. But it was completely unintentional. It was the result of a black guy doing the art while a white woman doing the character description.

 1. Teen Titans Go dominating all time slots

Cartoon Network


Whether you love it or not, this crazier and sillier version of Teen Titans show does well with its target audience. But CN shows are not just about 7-8-year-olds. It has a large audience pool to take care off. But the show is eating up the entire CN schedule nowadays. It’s good to focus on your online content but doesn’t TV deserve a chance?

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