Here’s Why ‘Black Panther’ Looks Like It Is Set In The Future

Black Panther is just one month away and fans can’t seem to get enough of the movie as Marvel recently released a brand new trailer for the movie during the College Football National Championship on Monday night. The reaction to the new footage was extremely positive, just as it was when the second trailer for the movie came out.

Fans have been excited to see what this unique movie has to offer as it probably might turn out to be one of the best comic book movies of this year. This movie is bringing totally new things on the plate that we have never seen before. We only got a glimpse of what we could expect from the movie in Captain America Civil War. We saw what Black Panther is capable of, and we only got a brief intro for Wakanda towards the end credits scene.

Well, what we saw there was not even close to what the trailers revealed as fans were literally blown away when they got a look at how technologically advanced Wakanda actually is. It was known that Wakanda is a third world country and is pretty advanced as compared to the rest of the world, but when the trailers came out, fans saw that it was actually way beyond their imagination and it almost seemed that this movie is actually set in the future.

Wakanda is known to be the only nation in the whole world that has deposits of the alien metal Vibranium in her soils. The metal is as rare and valuable as one could be. It has properties that allow it to absorb any level of vibration into itself hence the name. The same metal is the one that makes up Captain America’s shield and T’Challa’s claws in his Black Panther suit.

But why does it seem like ‘Black Panther’ is actually set in future?

Well, Wakandan Technology is also far too advanced compared to rest of the world as the trailers have shown us. They have flying ships for cars, Spaceships, plasma guns, cloaked cars and many more futuristic devices. Their weaponry and battle tech are also super ahead of the rest of the world, almost alien one could say. Even the local metro is you look in the trailer is actually flying and has no tracks.

All this actually has fans believing that the movie could actually be set in future somehow. Well, it is pretty easy to see where this idea comes from, but it is totally not the case. While, Spider-Man may have messed up the timeline of the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this problem does not anything to do with Black Panther.

The nation of Wakanda, where King T’Challa rules as the Black Panther, is located in the heart of Africa and is totally hidden from the outside world. As you can see in the trailers, Wakanda is actually hidden with a cloaking device all around the country. Closing the country off from the rest of the planet has allowed the smartest minds of Wakanda to develop technology which is much greater and far beyond that even what Stark Industries or Roxxon can produce.

Not to mention, Wakanda is the richest country in the world, and no other country is even close to it. This is mainly because of the rich deposits of Vibranium it has. It can continue to have research and development for centuries to come.

This combination of technology, culture and style is what makes Wakanda different from any other country in the entire world, and that is why it looks to be futuristic. Most of the world is not even aware of the existence of this advanced country as it hides in plain sight behind a cover of doing business in textiles.

Black Panther

Black Panther has given us many reasons to be excited about and it would be really interesting to see how things play out in this movie and Avengers Infinity War as well since we saw a lot of Wakandan footage in that movie too. Black Panther will hit the theatres on February 16 and Avengers: Infinity War will come out on May 4.

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