10 Most Glaring Arrowverse Questions We Want Answers To This Season

As the Midseason break comes to an end, the Arrowverse shows will return to The CW. Up until now, the show has only shown us the built-up to an explosive climax arc. Never before we saw the finale of all four shows leaving a massive cliff-hanger and fans were left biting nails.


The Legends still have no idea who Mallus is, Kara faces a foe stronger than her in the name of Reign, The Flash will see himself crossing paths with the Smartest Man Alive while the Green Arrow is about to face not just one but an entire team of super villains.


The post mid-season episodes promise intriguing twists and turns but there are still a lot of questions that the fans would like to have answers to. Hopefully, the shows won’t just bury these spectacular mysteries that are still unresolved and needs to be addressed.

Barry’s Weird Symbols

Barry Allen was trapped in the Speed Force at the end of Season 3 of The Flash. The speedforce became extremely volatile and caused massive earthquakes that would have destroyed Central city. It needed a powerful speedster, someone like ‘The Flash’ to stabilize the effects and Barry volunteered to go inside the speedforce as he held himself guilty of Flashpoint timeline.


In his absence, Team Cisco tried to put up a fight against meta-humans but they could not do much. A Samurai Ninja came to Central City and threatened to destroy everything until he sees the real Flash. When it looked like there was no way out for the Team Cisco, he uses a speed-force bazooka on which he was working for months and Barry comes out of a Speed Force Worm Hole in one piece.

But this Barry is not the one we knew from last season. He is deranged, mumbles jargon and writes weird symbols on anything that he could get his hands on. He was mumbling about Oliver Queen, loud stars etc. He recalled the death of his mother. This kind of behavior of Barry led Caitlin to conclude that he may be suffering from some kind of dementia as he may have spent 10,000 years and not 6 months on the speedforce. The show has to answer what those weird symbols actually mean later on. One fan theory is that there is a connection between Barry’s symbols and this season’s villain ‘The Thinker’ face where the same symbols appear.

Who is Mallus

At the start of Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter and the Legends are at perpetual odds with each other. The Legends prove Rip and the Time Bureau otherwise and Rip allows them to continue their Mischief and his reason being that they could help the bureau in their fight against Mallus.

But who is Mallus? The only information we have until now is that Mallus is a grave supernatural threat to the entire universe that has evaded everyone for centuries. John Noble (Fringe) will lend his voice for DC’s Mallus.

Richard Dragon’s Role

Richard Dragon is one of the deadliest fighters of the DC Universe. The comics also always portray him as a crafty genius and a master manipulator. He is now part of Caden James’ team of supervillains who wants to take down Green Arrow and tear apart his legacy for good.

But why is the Arrowverse making their version of Richard Dragon shy away from his true potential? The fans believe that Dragon has a larger role to play, but no one knows how and why. They are really looking forward to seeing his character arc in the show, in comics he is super bad-ass.

What does “This House is Bitchin” mean?

When Cisco finally thought he had cracked the code to deciphering Barry’s symbols, he was met with a dud. The algorithm that he developed to crack an extra-dimensional language did not work as it was supposed to. Or did it?

The only translation that Cisco could decipher was – This House is Bitchin’. What the hell does that mean? Does it have any significance whatsoever or was it just for comic relief? Nothing is a coincidence in comic-book shows and fans are hoping that it was said for a reason.

Reign’s True Purpose

Reign was called the World-Breaker in Kryptonian circles. She was a genetically bred and modified super soldier of Krypton. Kara is just a civilian but under a yellow sun, she became a superhero.

But Reign is already superhuman. The Yellow sun only added to her already existing abilities. But why was she made? Are there more Reigns flying around in the Galaxy?

Cayden James’ True Intentions

The Only thing about Cayden James we know is that he is an expert renegade upper hacker who headed an anonymous like hacker-activist organization called Helix.

He was introduced in Season 5 but became the antagonist in season 6. Apart from his eerie voice and meticulous plans, no one knows what he wants from the Green Arrow who he ‘claims’ killed James’ Son.

What is the Thinker’s Enlightenment

The Thinker was not always so smart. But after the particle accelerator explosion, he was infused with God like intelligence. The Thinker then becomes one of the smartest carbon-based life forms on the planet.


But what is his grand plan that he has termed ‘The Enlightenment’? One theory claims that the thinker, after gaining limitless intelligence, intends to share it with everyone by merging everyone’s consciousness into one.

What is ‘The Darkness’

In Super Girl’s midseason finale, the Legionnaires Mon-El and Imra explain that a certain darkness is creeping all over the world. No one knows what that ‘darkness’ is and the fact that it is not just a global but a galactic level issue really speaks volumes.

Maybe it is the legionnaires telling the audience that the Darkness is an outcome of Reign possible defeating and killing Super Girl in the present timeline. But we can rule this theory as the first episode post mid-season of Supergirl has shown her to be alive but not really kicking.

Who was the mystery woman at Barry and Iris’ wedding

The Crisis on Earth X began with the evil superheroes from the alternate Earth decided to play wedding crashers in Barry and Iris’ wedding. But before the party poopers entered the scene, Flash is met by a mystery woman who awkwardly tries to have a conversation with Barry.

While some say the Girl is XS aka Jenny Ognats and Barry’s granddaughter, others are of the opinion that she is Dawn Allen, one half of the Tornado Twins and Barry’s daughter.

What about the ongoing Martian Civil War


Super Girl introduces us to one startling revelation – The Green Martians are not extinct. They have been waging a civil war against the oppressive White Martians. Super Girl and Jonn travel to Mars to help the latter’s brethren in their fight for survival.


With the H’ronmeer staff in his hands, M’Gaan shifts the Civil War to the Green Martians’ favor. But ever since we have had no update on what is going on. Did the green Martians win or did they all die? Is the fan favorite M’Gaan still alive??

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