5 Brutal Deaths of Powerful Mutants From X-Men

X-Men created by Stan Lee is one of the greatest ever comics. The heroes can often be seen fighting off bad guys and saving lives, but there are times when these guys have to make the ultimate sacrifice and die, saving others in the process. Here is a list of some such sacrifices made by the X-Men:

 Nightcrawler Sacrifices Himself

In the arc, Messiah Complex, the main purpose is to save Hope, who after Wanda is the only one who can use her powers to convert all mutants into regular beings. Hope is protected by Cable, not just him but Rogue and Kurt (Nightcrawler) too are there for her. When she is going to be attacked by Bastion, Kurt teleports and re-materializes around his arm, sacrificing himself to save her.

Twisted Cyclops Kills Professor X

Professor X’s death was undoubtedly one of the most heart-wrenching deaths in the comics as he was the father figure to a number of mutants, and to see him killed by one of his most trusted and loved students was true to take a lot for the fans. X is trying to bring back Scott from being controlled by the Phoenix when he’s eventually killed and after that Cyclops gives into a Phoenix.

Wolverine Dies Saving All

Wolverine, when infected by the virus, is unable to use his regenerative capability comes to know that Dr. Cornelius, the creator of the Weapon X programme has ordered his assassination, along with this, he comes to know that the evil doctor is continuing his experiments on others, Logan tears the vase having boiling adamantium and gets covered and suffocated by it and eventually dies, but not before killing the doctor.

Wanda Is Killed By Rogue

When Wanda goes all “No more mutants” it’s the greatest harm is to the X-Men. An already distrustful Rogue now hates her even more. When Wanda is taken by the Apocalypse Twins and is in middle of her incantation, Rogue using her Wolverine’s bone claw powers which she took from him while saving him from Daken stabs her in the gut. What a sad sight!! or was it?

Banshee’s Ultimate Sacrifice


This one is not caused while fighting, still a great sacrifice indeed. We all know Banshee’s sonic waves because of which he is able to hover. Banshee while on a flight back to the X-Mansion sees that the jet is gonna collide with a commercial airline. He goes out and stops the plane with his scream, after which the plane explodes and he dies, Wolverine and Nightcrawler are shocked at the sight.

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